Being sick

Not only the pain from having fibromyalgia isn’t enough but when u get sick even just a cold it makes it worse. Oh well. No matter what I guess we all have no choice but to deal with this. I hope u all are feeling ok today. Finding this site is making me feel like I’m not crazy and there is other people out there just like me. Ty all for listening

Hi Amy,

You're not crazy, fibro can really be debilitating at times, and even a common cold can really ramp it up! Hopefully you can just take it a bit easy and get over the cold. Time to have some hot soup, hot tea, climb into bed or the couch and watch some good movies today1

Hope you feel better very soon!



Hi Amy. Sorry you're sick. And you're right, fibro does seem to make everything worse! So it's okay if you're feeling miserable today. That's life with fibro, isn't it? But at least there are good days too.

Yes, we're definitely here for you and you're DEFINITELY NOT crazy. Though the illness sure is! It hits in so many odd different ways. I think that those of us who get it and hang in there are incredible survivors. I don't think a lot of people could handle it. We really are a lot tougher than we realize. So good for you for hanging in there and finding us! Good move!



Oh, yes, SK, that Chicken Soup looks perfect for a cold. I know a study was done several years ago and it showed that every single brand of chicken soup helped the common cold - except Raman Noodle chicken flavor. And it just makes ya feel more soothed. I hope you can get hold of a can, Amy. That and some Ginger Ale.

Feel better soon!

Hi Amy

Just want to reiterate what previous members have said ‘you are not crazy’!!
I find that as my fibro affects every single part of my body, and it takes all of my strength to fight it day after day, if and when my body is hit by ‘a cold’ or ‘my period’ for example, it just cannot cope with something else to deal with.

So unfortunately it hits us harder than most others…
Take care and look after yourself


Thank u all. And yes bev those monthly times are bad. Before I new I had this I thought I was getting a virus and it ended to be my monthly time. Thanks for all the advice. I still made it out with my kids and husband to the city and had a great day