Barre exercise

Just wanted to share that a barre class has been wonderful for my fibro. I’m a former dancer but anyone can do it. Combo of ballet Pilates yoga and weights. The weights are 2-3 lbs so no fibro muscle pain the next day but you still get super toned with the high reps. No heavy cardio either so great for the fatigue days too. Just thought I’d share!

Thanks! Sounds awesome Few know the origins of Pilates, so I'll share this.

They have some great DVDs for at home too. I love xtend barre and booty barre. If you go to collage video you can see them on line

Thanks do they have anything like this is Santa Fe, NM and how much does it cost?

I bet if you googled “barre studio” and your location you would find something. I go to barre nine in Massachusetts and I buy a package of 5 classes for about $70

Thank You, Cinnamin

Thanks. I’ve bookmarked.