Baking Soda seems to work for Fibro Pain

A while ago I wrote a post about some alternative stuff that helped me with pain. More recently, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis on top of the fibro. My finger grip strength is gone and 3 of the fingers don’t bend anymore. A year’s struggle later, my sister sent me an article about baking soda for rheumatoid. Apparantly a recent research has proven that baking soda can work for arthritis pain. Since I wasnt into meds, i decided to give it a go. So I took 1/4th teaspoon with 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar in a cup of warm water. Turns out, instantly, Iam hit with energy i haven’t had for months. I went for a walk and throughly enjoyed it. So I started doing the routine twice a day, 20 minutes before meal everyday and surely enough, I’ve been practically pain free and the fatigue seems to have disappeared, sleep has become better. I’ve had fibro pain and fatigue for over a decade so surely could have used this earlier. I’ve been drinking it for a week now. Thought of sharing it in case anyone else finds it useful. I am really hoping my fingers get back to normal. Please do check baking soda arthritis in google for the information on how it seems to work and precautions you might need to take for your own medical condition. Besides the baking soda routine, I drink ACV with warm water every morning and eat turmeric. Take it easy on exercise for the first few days though. Good Luck.

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Some alternative stuff that helped me with Fibro):

I am going to try this thanks for the info

Good luck with it Jenni…just an fyi, I use Bob’s Red Mills baking soda which says it’s sourced naturally and free of any additives…and I use Braggs raw organic Apple cide vinegar with mother…

Let me know how you go…

Ladies, sounds interesting! As always, though, mention that you are doing this to your doctor(s).

Keep us posted!

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That is amazing! I’m going to try it.