Back from the doctors

So we are going to try Lyrica. It contains lactose so we are going for a low dose build up and see how that does. I sure hope it works and the lactose doesn't make the bathroom my favorite room in the house. LOL

hi!! best of luck....huggggggs

I stand behind it. Saved me so far. Much better pain levels,
And I can deal with the things I need too.
I hope it helps you

Keep us posted :slight_smile: hugs

I had great results with the lyrica on a low dose. I had to stop taking it because of weight gain and it interferred with one of my lupus meds. Let us know how you do on it.

I started the low does, and the same day had already felt so much better. I hope today you can feel the difference :slight_smile:

I have noticed a difference. I just have to see if this will cause stomach problems from the lactose in it. So far it's doing good.