Baby has arrived

Our newest granddaughter has arrived. Her name is Ferah Estelle Colak, she weighed 7.5 lbs and is 19.5 inches long. She is just beautiful. Mom is trying to breast feed and boy has that been something else. I have been learning a lot of new things. I never breast feed my babies. I am also been quite busy and not a lot of sleep. I will travel home tomorrow, I will miss my babies that's for sure. But, Monday I have to go back to work. Just wanted to share my good news. I will try to up load a photo if I can figure it out. Have a blessed day everyone, Sue

Congratulations Sue and to the new parents! Grandbabies are such a blessing.

Dottie S

Congratulations Sue on the birth of your newest grandbaby. Much as we enjoy them they take a lot of energy to be around and thus our small amount of energy is used up in a very short time. So, you will be glad to get home and rest before you head back to work on Monday! I suspect that you will have to be good to yourself and rest for the rest of next week after working all day.



CONGRATS !!! What a beautiful blessing :slight_smile: and I love her name !!!

Safe travels home, I hope you can get some rest before you have to return to work

Hugs &

Congratulations Sue, I am so excited for all of you. Sure glad everybody is ok. Please post some pictures when able. Blessings to all, xoxo

Congratulations, Grandma! You are truly blessed - all of you. Photos are greatly appreciated!

Congratulations, Sue! You must be so excited! There's NOTHING like a baby, nothing. They are the bees knees, to quote an old saying. I'm sure you're over the moon about her.

Breastfeeding isn't easy for everyone. I couldn't do it, Sue. I don't understand why some women can...and some can't. And boy, does it hurt, too! Those babies really clamp down hard! Hopefully your daughter will get the hang of it and all will be well.

Be careful traveling home and hopefully get some extra sleep before you go.




Dear Sue,

Congrats, there is nothing better than a new grandbaby to love! I'm so glad that you were able to be there!

We look forward to seeing this little cutie!

Big hugs,


a new baby is always wonderful-especially a grand child. relax and enjoy her as much as possible. rileybug

Congrats Sue. My grandson was born right on my birthday with me assisting my daughter-in-law to deliver him. That was 18 months ago and he gets cuter every day. I’ve none my Daughter-in-law ever since she was a teen and I guess she felt comfortable enough for me to be there. Her mother and of course my son was there too. My daughter is pregnant and due in Movember and she wants me in the delivery room too. I just hope my body can handle it because I don’t want to miss it.

Congrats Sue. How wonderful. Be safe coming home. You’ve got to be here for that new gbaby. Now, just don’t wear yourself down.

Congratulations to you all and welcome to the world little Ferah.

Grandchildren are a special gift.



What a blessing a new granddaughter : )

Hi Sue! Congratulations on your beautiful new Granddaughter. I have 1 grandson, Hunter, who is my Daughter's son. Now, in a few months, my son will be getting married and in about 2-3 years, I will start hinting for MORE grandkids! LOL

I wasn't able to breast feed either one of my kids - so relied on formula. It hurt too much! Ouch! I hope you get home safely and can rest before going to work Monday. You have had quite a few days! Hugs! Laurie

Great news Sue... Many more good memories to come!


Congrats Sue and get some rest hon.

congratulations have a great weekend celebrating

So wonderful! Congratulations Sue. Yes, grandbabies are such a blessing. A real gift. You enjoy her!


Congratulations Sue, She sounds like a beautiful healthy baby. Hope you get to spend lots of time with her. Hope you had a good trip home.