Articles always say, "Not all people who have Fibromyalgia have the same symptoms..."

Obviously we all have Fibro, but they always say everyone is different and that is true sometimes but the more I read here, the more I discover we are more alike than different.

I mean, I have to get up and walk around every so often because I just get stiff and then the just teeth grinding pain sets in.

Oh, and that too…I clench my jaws A LOT.

I keep being told I’m a shallow breather and sometimes stop all together, mostly when I’m in pain which is a bad habit to have and sucks that I don’t even realize I’m doing it. All the sudden I’ll hear John say, “Tina, breathe!” That’s when I realize what I’m doing. I’ve gotten better at it and have been trying deep breathing exercises but sometimes even that hurts!

Osteoarthritis, I’m 41 with a total hip replacement due to severe osteoarthritis. Now they want to replace the left one…but anyway.

I’m sure there are so many more, I know there are because I was just thinking about them and now poof they’re gone! OH! Fibro Fog!

Ok, shutting up for today…
Have a restful night all!

I can’t agree more… There are many similarities, I have actually listed the things we most have in common and taken the list to my Dr., I’m not sure why… I just thought it was interesting that we all have many things in common.
Hugs & blessings