Are you a true princess?

I am sure you all recall the story of "The Princess and the Pea"... A prince is having trouble finding the right girl and a girl claiming to be a princess comes to his castle door in search of shelter from a terrible rain. Now, in order to tell if the girl is truly a princess and worthy of her finicky son's affections, the prince's mother decides to test her identity by putting a dried up pea underneath her mattress because only a princess would feel a dried pea. The story goes on with the "princess" needing more and more mattresses so as not to feel the pea beneath until its determined she must be a princess as she is not can feel a pea under dozens of mattresses!

Sound familiar, fellow fibromites? We must all be princesses... :)

I truly couldn't resist the parallel.

Sweet dreams all!


For sure BB!!

Princess power. :wink:

We need all the power we can get, girlfriend! LOL!!


Great parallel… Yup a princess


Who knew that we fibromites, who toss and turn and toss some more, are actually Princesses! And the cause of all of our ghastly pain and insomnia? A PEA. (I KNEW I never trusted that Golly Green Giant fellow. Kinda thought he was always eyeballing my bed from his commercial.)

But boy, BB, you're right on the money; those restless nights do, indeed feel like there's a pea - or 100 - lodged under our mattress. In fact, I've got one here under my mattress tonight! I hate peas anyway so I wish this one would roll away.