Anything good? Happy Friday. Can it be?

Find something good to talk about.
I love to hear the good, after we have had such a hard week. I know I need it.

Found this pic. It is me and I just want to say this fibro thing is sucking the life out of me, but I’m not giving up. Not today anyways.

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Since i live in the same county as avenk i will agree the weather is beautiful.

I went to one of the grandchildrens t ball games last night

even tho the morning started out rough and busy i have the whole rest of the day to have a wonderful day

Hi. I am new on here and this is actually my first post. It has been a really rough year for me. But yesterday I bought some zero gravity chairs at Kohl’s for my porch. They are super comfy and even tho it is not warm and sunny out…it is only about 55 degrees…I am sitting outside bundled in a blanket and sweatshirt enjoying some fresh air…I am tired of being cooped up in my bedroom. And a storm is coming and I love that smell in the air!!

good day. the weather here in south Carolina is beautiful. but the pollen is CRAZY lol. I have been really tired and achy all week. I have just got to get in a routine of taking my meds 3x a day. it is hard to remember to take meds all day long lol. I am a mother and I like to enjoy my son and have fun in this beautiful weather.

welcome Jeanene. im fairly new here too. its very warm here in south Carolina. and I to am tired of sitting in the house. because I am hurting or sleepy or tired, or just all of the above lol. the past year has been tough for me too I was just diagnosed last year and the biggest thing for me is acceptance. I am trying to realize this is what I have and I have to make the best of what I can and cant do. I have an 11 year old son. and he is into sports and I have to be there. being I am a single mom and I also have a back injury I have to try and manage everything. I am only 30yrs old and mine started after a car accident I was in back in 2011 but they just diagnosed me last year. but I am here for help in anyway I can I also do penpals. I try to help others that are newly diagnosed like me. just message me and we will talk more if you like. gently hugs and loves.

It’s sunny in Idaho and I get paid today!

We have been having lovely weather here in Western North Carolina, which makes me feel much better....but pollen season has started and my left ear is clogged this morning (sigh) If it's not one thing it's another!

My nephew who lives with me is out of town for a few days and I am loving the break! I love him, but having the house to myself is wonderful. If he had fixed the leaky gutter over our deck before he left I would be even happier, as the deck needs painting (again). Outside painting is a fun thing to do in nice weather, but I will have to wait. Oh well, lots to do, so little energy to do it--life is normal!

I can really relate to fibro sucking the life out of you, me, all of us. I thought I would never make it through February and March wasn't much better. My doc is adjusting my meds, so far so good on that.

The sun is shining, my cat who got much too fat this winter is outside for the day getting some much needed exercise, my exercise will be dusting and maybe a short walk.

My therapist told me to remember when I feel bad that it will pass, and it does..not as soon as I might hope, but it does. For today, at least, life is worth living.

Now if I could just find a great place to hike tomorrow that isn't clogged with mountain bikers......

We've had beautiful weather as well. My sister helped me cut the grass yesterday and my sinus infection is

I started my fight all over again, and I'm making progress. New supplements, physical therapy and just forgiving myself when I cant function. But I'm starting to feel better after a 3 month flare, and that's fantastic!

Great post!

The sun is shining here and it makes SUCH a DIFFERENCE!

Happy to report that i had a WONDERFUL week with my daughter while her dad was away. All that self doubt....GONE!

I usually have her every weekend and 2 days during the week so there was always recovery time in between. Some of you know how nervous I was(having to prove that I'm totally capable of having her full time). I'm a WONDERFUL MOTHER and PROUD to say it!!!There were a lot of times that I struggled but I've learned that I don't have to try to be perfect all the time when she's with me. I try to shield her from my illness as much as possible but this past week has taught me that SHE'S MY BABY(11) FOR CRYING OUT LOUD...It finally dawned on me that she adores me no matter what.

I'm in bed today because it's caught up with me but my mind is clear and even though my pain is through the roof,I can take it because I feel great satisfaction with what I've accomplished. So to those of you who know this week was meant to be a "test"....I ACED IT!!!!

Happy Carolyn lalala:-)

Love and Hugs

Absolutely a Happy Friday for me. Mommy/daughter date night. Dinner and a movie. Hoping everyone can find something to be thankful for. Some days this can be very hard I know. I am thankful that crazy headache I had yesterday is gone. And something I am also very thankful for... Is that I found all of you lovely people on this site!!!

Hi Avenk:

It is so nice to know that other people are affected by the weather and it's not in my head.

Sunny days give me so much relief and energy.

Gentle hugs,


Wow Im So glad for us all.
My son makes my life wonderful. After my nap he says. Mommy can we eat Oreos and play xbox.
My life is complete and today is awesome all because of him
Suppose to be 90 here tomorrow. I’m ready to sit in the sun and play in the kiddie pool.

Don’t ever give up, as the days grow longer and warmer it will help…what part of the country are you in. I’m in southwest ohio for now, this crappy weather we’ve had all winter has bout pitched me over the edge, but the sun is shining again, days are warmer etc…I’m hopefully going to be moving to Florida, then it will be more sunshine than dreary days, but back to not giving up,don’t…this beats the alternative…even with the pain…I’ve got fibro, polymyositis, churg Strauss (vasculitis) asthma, ABPA, arthritis, my joints have started swelling ( something new) sjogrens that’s effecting my eyes and mouth at this point and god knows what else, but I’m fighting my way thru. I’ll be damned if this crap is going to get me. I have ABPA, I’ve told my kids that when I die and they do the autopsy when they cut my chest open I’ll have black fuzzing stuff in my lungs. ABPA is a fungus that has colonized my airways…I’m going to go out laughing at all this crap…anyway enough of me, what do you do for fun? Hobbies, anything like that? I have a french bull that makes me laugh constantly, she’s the light of my life, I also have 2 grandbabies and 3 kids, which I don’t see very often, so my little lulu is my joy in life. She keeps me busy and diverts my attention somewhat so that helps with the pain…stay in touch. Don’t let it get you down too much tho. Wendy