Anyone with the problems of angular cheilitis and thrush?

Hello, everyone!

I have been having the problem of chronic oral thrush and now angular cheititis. It just won't go away! I have read on the net that this may be due to a compromised immune system. Depending on who I ask, some people say fibro is an immune disease. I am wondering if taking a multivitamin would help. If anyone knows about or has these problems, please let me know. It's very painful, and I want it to go away! Having fibro is bad enough ... with the weight gain from Lyrica, loss of sensation, aching joints, muscle pain, sleep problems. and now this! I appreciate any advice with this. So glad I have found folks who understand me and my gripes. Seems no one else does. Hugs! :)

Hi Susan,

I'm quoting the following from Wiki:

Angular cheilitis could be due to nutritional deficiencies, namely riboflavin (vitamin B2)[4][5] and iron deficiency anemia,[5] which in turn may be evidence of poor diets or malnutrition (e.g. celiac disease). Zinc deficiency has also been associated with angular cheilitis.[6] Cheilosis may also be part of a group of symptoms (upper esophageal web, iron deficiency anemia, glossitis, and cheilosis) defining the condition called Plummer-Vinson syndrome (aka Paterson-Brown-Kelly syndrome).

The same source also notes:

Angular cheilitis can be a manifestation of contact dermatitis. [7] For example, the sunscreen in lip balm degrades over time into an irritant. Using expired lip balm can initiate mild angular cheilitis, and when the patient applies more lip balm to alleviate the cracking, it only aggravates it. Because of the delayed onset of contact dermatitis and the recovery period lasting days to weeks, patients typically do not make the connection between the causative agent and the symptoms.

So it sounds like a multivitamin might be helpful, Susan.

For the record, I think I have this issue too, Susan, at least in the winter. And maybe more than that. I've suffered from it but never realized it had a name.

Okay, that's not much but maybe it'll help you feel better because it could be from something as simple as a nutritional deficiency.


I have had thrush a few times when on antibiotics, and then on the Methotrexate, even when I take probiotics everyday.

If you are not using a good probiotic, I encourage you to do so, make sure you refrigerate them after opening. They should do the trick, and your body will thank you for taking them!

I bought trubiotics by oneaday today. I asked the pharmacy about thrush and if probiotics would help. He said there is no correlation between the irregularies of intestinal bacteria and mouth bacteria. I do not believe him though. Will let you know how it goes. I did get a womens multivitamin as well.