Anyone used Embeda CR 20-0.8 Before?

Anyone had Embeda before? I have never had this and a little scared to try. Thanks in advance for any replies.

Shirley :revolving_hearts:

I started taking Embeda 20-.08 after my cervical spine surgery a month ago. I notieced that it not only helped my post surgery pain, but also my fibromyalgia pain. It has been a life saver for me and helped me get off percocet.

Hello I was given Embeda but I didn’t get it from my pharmacy. Because I was worried that it’s Morphine and I felt that it was a little strong for everyday use with fibromyalgia. But are you going too keep taking it after your post surgery is over? I’m glad too hear if it’s working for you!

Yes, I am hoping to continue taking it. The pharmacy is having issues getting stock, but my doctor is fine with continuing to give it to me as long as it works and I don’t have side effects. Along with fibromyalgia, I also have other chronic pain issues, lupus and migraines. I have not found Embeda to be over-medicating and it seems easier to use than percocet. I hope you find something that helps your pain.

Yes I have migraines also really bad! Have one as I am replying to you. I guess the real reason I was scared to take it was because my mother had a bad reaction to morphine. She had the reactions for about 2 weeks. She was seeing and hearing things that wasn’t there. I have chronic pain every day and it’s really hard to deal with. I’m just happy to hear that you are not having any side effects from the Embeda. Keep me posted on how you feel on a daily basis with this medication. Have a blessed and fantastic weekend!:revolving_hearts:

Shirley :heart: