Anyone try "Milnacipran" marketed under the brand name of "Savella"?

I read an article on this as the new FM drug and wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with it?

hi kas just wanted to say hello and tell you i have not tried savella. i did try lyrica which is also being used for fm .it is in the same family of drugs. i stopped using lyrica cause i gained too much weight. as lovett said alot of members use savella and you will surely hear much about it .. all the best to you . HUGGGGGGGS


So I tried Lyrica and gained 30 pounds in 2 months and while I have lost 10 pounds since I stopped taking Lyrica, II am still trying to lose the other 20. Cymbalta had little to no effect on me except for nightmares. My doctor now has me on “Topiramate” 25 MG and says that one of the side effects is weight loss. No weight gain but not weight loss and I have been on it 3 weeks now.

I was on savella twice it took the edge off my pain made it feel duller but mr insurance wont pay for it any more I know the company that makes it will give it free if you qualify but it didn't help me enough to make it worth all that paperwork. Hope it helps you. Oh i didn't gain any weight on it but for a bigger girl i really dont eat much. Food holds no pleasure for me anymore..things dont taste the same...sorry ramblings...hope this helped.

I am on Savella, since it is my 1st Med for FM I have no reference. Both my PCP & Pharmicist rooted with the ins comp for me to get it. It works wonders for me!!! M