Anyone read the article about new studies linking FM to thyroid

There is an article someone posted on Facebook by Paul Mountjoy, titled "Fibromyalgia Studies Focus on Thyroid, Pituitary and Hypothalamus Functions." I don't know how to link it but you can find thyroiditis. Since most symptoms of FM kind of match with hypothyroidism, I'm sure most of us have probably had our thyroids checked (and I'm sure it came back normal). However, from the studies, they recommend that you have the complete thyroid test done by a neuro-endocrinologist. If you are interested, check out the article.

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I continue to wonder about my thyroid with ever increasing hair loss. Yes, it could be the Lyrica, and yes, my GP did run all of the recommended tests, I checked with a Physician's Assistant friend of mine and then back with him, and it seems as though he hit them all. So an Endocronologist or a Dermatologist may be in my future!

This may not be the exact article, but one on the same topic:

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I had to refresh my memory on this, lovett.

Besides all of the obvious problems, I can imagine that being on the computer for long periods of time is murder on your eyes! Yes, I did remember how difficult it is to balance these meds, and how even then it can change in a moment!

Thanks for the heads up on the testing!

Take care of yourself, you still have graduation coming up!