Anyone know of a good app to log symptoms?


I have been considering changing from a manual logbook to using an app. There are a lot of apps to choose from!

Has anyone out there used an app to track symptoms? How did you select which app you wanted to use?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

I like the app, My Pain Diary. They have an app for both iPhone and Android. I have also found Evernote notetaking app to be invaluable.
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I use Chronic Pain Tracker, the free Light version. I tried a bunch of them about 8 months ago and thought this one was best for my needs. It’s visual as well as descriptive, and can track up to 19 modules - things like pain level, hours slept, weather, fatigue level, activity level etc. You can track trends over time and also can print out reports for your doctors.

You can find it in the Apple app store, not sure if it comes in Android version. There’s a Pro version as well, which allows you to track more than one pain syndrome, say you wanted to track migraine headaches separately from fibromyalgia.

You can read about its features at or just go to the App Store and download the Lite version for free. I’m planning on getting the Pro version soon, it’s only a few dollars.

Let us know what app you decide on!


I have been trying to find an app to use too. I've tried "Manage My Pain" and its pretty good. The app has a notes field, allows you to edit the symptom, medication, body part lists, etc. It will also sync between multiple devices and has an online portal. However, I found myself being non-compliant in logging my symptoms in it. What I have found to be most successful for me, at this time, has been an app called "Better Diary". It is not a "symptom tracker" app but a diary. It allows me to track my symptoms and journal my thoughts in a free flowing form, which has really helped me at this stage. Both apps are available for Android. I'm not sure if they are available for any other operating system.

I will definitely be checking out the apps that are being suggested!

Hope this helps!


I suppose I should have said up front I have an android phone. Right now I am using Evernote, but then I suddenly stopped keeping my pain log for a few weeks. That’s what’s prompted me to start looking for an app. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, it is very helpful!

I have an Android and use FibroMapp
It has a one-time cost of either $1.99 or $2.99. It lets you track Medication, Sleep, How You’re Feeling, and a Journal to write about your pain and stuff, along with a few other things. It graphs your sleep cycle and stuff so you can see changes over time. Take a look at it in the Google Play Store. You can decide if you think it’ll help you and if it’s worth purchasing.

Thank you Tia. FibroMapp is another app I was considering. I’m glad you like it - it sounds pretty flexible. And I like that the cost is all up front.

Before I got too sick to do much of anything, I started a projectthat would have put together a list of everyone's favorite apps. Here's the link to the discussion. I didn't have the energy to put it together nicely, but it may be helpful to you. There's an App for That

Thank you GrumpyCat, this is very helpful!

I've used Web Md. Not only can you track pain, and triggers, what works and doesnt, and your meds, you can enter your daily levels of them q quickly, and, you can email all results to your doc. You can also set goals, and, you'd be reminded of them, they also offer easy access to web MD articles according to your needs

Ultimately, what I did while "shopping" for an app that worked for me, I installed the app, so I could thoroughly check it out, and un install the ones that weren't a fit for me.

Thanks blueeyedgirl, that’s good advice. It’s probably the best way for me to know for sure what will work for me.