Anyone have problems with clothing?

sometimes i have a problem where it seems that no matter what i where it isnt comfortable my skin itches, feels like its crawling, and sometimes i get a pin prick feeling and lately its been hard to find something comfortable does anyone have any ideas?

Hi River - I know what you are going through. Before I developed Fibro (which was 31 years ago), I never had any problems with fabric against my skin. I was able to wear wool and mohair. Now???? OMG, I can't stand to have wool or mohair against my skin. My skin hurts and itches. I also noticed something else going on with me as well. About 8 months ago, my skin on my legs, arms and especially the feet have gotten horribly dry. I used to give myself a pedicure every week and exfoliate the feet too. Now I have to do it 3 times a week - and what a hassle too! LOL Although I wear a very good hydrating lotion on my whole body,. it doesn't seem to keep the bottoms of my feet hydrated or the palms of my hands. I have never had dry palms before. It's awful But I will tell you one thing and you might want to bring this up to your doctor?? Several months ago, I was complaining to my doctor what was going on with as far as the prickly, itchy and redness I feel all over me. I was diagnosed with Neuropathy. This is a nerve disorder, where all the nerves that are near the skin's surface are going haywire. They can't seem to pick up the message from the brain - so they go all out on their own - and its can hurt everywhere. I have days when (you won't believe this!!) even my scalp hurts to touch. Right out of the blue, I will get a jolt, almost like electricity going through my fingers Or sometimes I will get that same feeling for just a minuets hitting any other parts of my body. When all my surface nerves are acting up, every part of my body hurts and I don't want anyone or anything to touch me. River, I am really a very nice and sociable person, but, when I feel this way.....DON'T TOUCH1!! LOL You might want to look into asking your doctor about this. My own doctror said it can happen with people with Fibro. When he told me this, I thought, ""Good grief, I have everything else going on with my body, can't I just skip the Neuropathy and send it on it's way???"" I hope I have help[ed you somewhat, River. Think about what I said as far as asking your doctor - you might have Neuropathy. Huge hugs!! Laurie

Maybe it's laundry soap etc. I had to change to a non-allergic kind after years of using sunlight. My skin is very itchy and picky If not that are you using any new lotions? Personally I wear a genie bra and granny panties with flannel pj's most days. Unless I'm going out , lol. I find this the most comfy, I don't care what my neighbors think. That's all I can think of I hope it helps. hugs, Charlie :)

HI Charlie - I agree what you said about possible allergies. I also brought up to River, the possibility of a skin disorder called Neuopathy. It just might be allergies, as you suggested! Love, Laurie

thank u so much laurie, and not that u mention it i will ask doc cuz at times my hands will get very red, and my skin has an itchy type prickly feeling to it like tiny tiny pin sticks. and unless i have a cotton shirt or turtle neck under my sweaters they will drive me nuts with the irritation. thanks again. i wasnt sure if that was normal or not. i only found out yesterday that i had fibro. hugs back :)

thanks u, and no i dont use lotions i never have my skin is usaully naturally soft but i think that is changing and i will check into laundry soaps but im on a very very tight budget im on general assistance and they only give me 100 dollars a month to work with until my disability case goes through which i hope will be soon.

River - the skin opposite from the thumb, inside my hand is always red. I haven't had any real problems with it but it's just annoying!! (smile). Also, River, you have to remember Fibros are extremely sensitive to pain, so we suffer more because of this. Whereas a normal person may have the same pain but it's hardly noticeable. So, you and I and all others in this wonderful group get a double whammy when we hurt! Not Fair!! LOL Take care of yourself??? Love and hugs Laurie

Hi river,

Yep, know exactly what you mean! Stretch pants, all cotton are my best friend. If I wear jeans, I have to really pour in the fabric softener or it irritates my Sciatica.

There are times I have to sleep with my feet on a roll pillow so my legs do not touch the sheets, it's just hell! Hope you can find something to ease this! It doesn't happen that often with me, just sometimes and that is too much!

Hope the idea of the stretch pants/yoga pants helps, just get the cotton ones!

Love and hugs,


i too have itchy skin and burning sensations i dont think its your clothes causing it it just feels that way . i also get realy hot and then realy cold hope this helps

Hey river, I too feel this way. Target has t shirts in the men’s dept that are super soft in mutated colors that are v neck, I have a wardrobe of these, they are also missing labels. The more they are washed the softer they become. Stretch pants (from lands end) are great too, they don’t bind and they hold their shape and look nice on. My skin has burned for years tho. Really lyrica is the only help for me with the actual pain, and percosets too. It sucks to have this, I know, I’ve been dealing 20plus years, you learn to ignore a lot the longer you have it. Hope this helps…hang in there

with me it's a little different..

I can't stand scratchy fabrics at all. And I can't stand super smooth/soft things, either, like microfiber stuff or the fluffy/fuzzy insides of a brand new sweater. I prefer normal, smooth cotton. I can wear jeans, but I always buy the ones that have some stretchy stuff mixed in so they aren't getting too stiff/tight.

I can't stand light fabrics brushing/tickling against my skin, so I usually wear a soft, thin but tight longsleeved polo-neck shirt underneath. Soft but tight clothes comfort me, like leggins and, as mentioned, polo neck shirts.

I can't wear anything "plastic". It irritates my skin (I've neurodermatitis) and it just feels plain icky on my skin.

yoga pants and tank tops are my staple. other wise when i can get away with it i go au natural. good luck

Yes! This is common. The neurons in your skin can be ultra sensitive as well as painful. For example, if you have Restless leg. If you can't keep your legs still during the night your skin is probably hyper as well. I know that for me, being off meds like I was for a month, due to following my pain doc to a new pain clinic. Their initial protocol is not to give any meds for 4-6 weeks during the intake protocol. You have to go through a process with a pain doc, a social worker, and a pain nurse practitioner so, and they have an extensive questionnaire to complete before meds are given. Luckily I was able to survive, uncomfortably, I did it! I went from a normal pain level for me on meds from 1-3 up to a 5-7!!!

Clothes can be an issue for me, tags on any clothing I wear I have to cut. I can't wear certain fabrics like wool. Wool drives my body nuts! Lacy underwear is another no-no now. I used to be able to wear Victoria's Secret with pieces of lace, but now have to switch to all cotton from Hanes and VS with NO tags. I also cannot wear bras with underwires. I have a size C/D cup so that is a challenge, but a great website for us plus size gals is and you can find all sorts of underthings, sexy and comfy.

So you are not alone!!

My kid hated when I did the" get the hair that is down my back dance" I am like princes and the pea. I cant sleep on mattress with springs or I wake up felling bruised. I always have to feel the inside of my cloths when I buy them. It is not soft I know I will not wear it. I often do not match visually but I always match when it comes to softness.

good news on the pain doc im glad its working

i cant stand tags i never could they always irritated me, and i have to wear soft shirts under my sweaters, so far my bras dont seem to bother me yet thank u for the input

i wear alot of tank tops too and stretch pants around the house and soft fabric jeans when i go out and right now its kind of cold to go au natural lol but i have done that in the past.

i wear the stretch jeans too so far soft clothes dont seem to bother me yet i usually have to wear something under my sweaters or i itch like crazy

cool i will check it out and yup stretch pants are my friend too and i do have to wear soft clothing under my sweaters and such and labels are irritating too thanks :)

im almost always cold but at times i do get hot its like there isnt a balance i dont like that and i cant believe it took them 10 years to dx me

lol darn right it isnt fair during good days i can play with my therapy cat but when i have flare ups his claws feel like razors even though he plays the same way everytime im considering getting him declawed since he is strictly indoors and never goes outside.