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Anyone have Fibro flares every day?

I was wondering if anyone has had Fibro flares that start in the morning and slowly go away late afternoon every day? For three weeks, I have been waking up every morning in horrible, awful pain. I can hardly walk or stand. I stay in bed moaning in pain and then around 4 or 5 pm, the pain subsides into a very mild ache. I don’t get it. It’s like I have a daily flare that goes away early evening. Any thoughts???

this has happened to me in the past year also. sometimes i cry in the mornings. I imagine i will be in a wheelchair soon. About 5 I feel better. the end result is I feel better later in the evening and don’t feel tired until midnight. the the whole thing starts over. my meds have not changed.

Hi Freedom,
Personally I tend to be fairly bad every day too. I seem to get a bout of energy in the afternoon so that’s when I can fit in a chore or two around all the pain and exhaustion. I don’t really know why my body does this either. I haven’t had a “good” or “non flair” day in years.

I know that Fibro symptoms can change all the time but this new having a painful flare every day that goes away early evening is new for me. I still have pain in the evening but it is better than the flare pain. I’m sorry others have this type of pain too. I too wonder if I’ll end up in a wheelchair. Hugs to you!

I do this too - although here lately my day is flipped. I will feel “good” when I first wake, then as the morning goes on the flare builds until late afternoon when it eases off somewhat. By the time most people are going to bed, I am just starting to feel “good” again and like I might be able to do something.

I am so glad I’m not alone! I sort of thought I was going crazy! I mean, I woke up one morning writhing in pain, by early evening, I was laughing and had minimal pain. I wish all of us didn’t have to go through this. I’ve only had fibromyalgia for 2 years and it’s hard for me to think about the future. Last week I purchased a wheelchair. I can’t walk far, so now if I go somewhere and get tired, I will have the wheelchair. I’m 52 years old.

I’m so sorry you’re having so many flares. They do seem to go in spurts. I’m 59, and I’ve had fibro for 25 years not (I can’t believe I’m saying this.) One thing that helps me is taking magnesium and malic acid every single day. It’s not something that will show immediately. My rheumatologist recommended I take these years ago. I order one called Fibro Response from Amazon. Another thing that helps is taking a muscle relaxer at night. I take Zanaflex, so I can half the pill if I wish. We tend to not hit the stage of sleep that allows our muscles to relax, so this muscle relaxer seems to really help. I also have an extra long heating pad on my bed that has an automatic shutoff. I turn it on low. My worst part of my body is my legs, so this helps me tremendously. Hope your flares start easing off very soon!