Anyone else suffer hamstring pain?

My hamstrings are just KILLING me the past couple of days, I guess I need a Chiropractic adjustment! It's the only thing I can think of to help. My pelvis may have tilted on me, it's just murder trying to sit on anything for any length of time! They both feel rutpured!

Anyone have any other ideas for relief, even the pain meds are not helping! UGH!!!

The sciatica is very bad at this point, the sciatic nerve is nearly side by side with the hamstring, and both are bothering me to the extreme! Something shifted as I am having trouble standing erect. If it doesn't right itself, I'll have to call my DC. He can usually stablize me when something like this happpens.

The coughing from the bronchitis and lying around sick did not help a thing, but sometimes just the slightest wrong move can be bad news.

Thanks for the links, I have done those exercises! Not fun, but if they work...

I was also thinking it may be sciatica. It feels like your butt is on fire along the hammie to around the leg and into your pinky toes. I have had peripheral neuropathy for years now because of it. Ah, the confusion we go through when a new pain comes to town!

Oh, SK, I'm terribly sorry about this! I don't know anything about hamstrings and sciatica but could this also be a part of your psoriatic arthritis? I know it affects tendons, like the Achilles tendon.

Would using a heating pad help at all? Also, I recently had ultrasound treatment on my bad elbow. Part of the pain is from the tendon area and the ultrasound has helped some.

I truly feel for you, SK. You have so much more going on than most of us with fibro. I don't know where you get your patience and good temperament but I wish I could return in by offering you some sage advice for your hamstrings. Maybe a return to your rheumatologist to see if anything is up would be in order. But I do know and understand that these illnesses increase suddenly and quickly, so I really feel for you.

Feel some better, my friend,


You are excellent with links, Angel. I really appreciate the knowledge you impart upon us.

I’m suspect it’s just fibro. Having had fibro for twenty years, that is a new very nasty symptom that started for me just a month ago. Makes going up and down stairs awful. Like most fibro symptoms, though, it will probably be swapped for something else for me soon, LOL. Haven’t tried ibuprofen or anything for it, just my standard approach of “embrace the pain” or some total BS like that.

My fibro was misdiagnosed as sciatica at one point…MRI, neurosurgeon, etc…nope, fibro.

Hope yours gets better.

Hey Sue,

Sorry I have not called. So sorry to hear of your pains. Do you remember what you we doing when you felt the pain begin? Did you hear or feel a "pop"? Does sitting make it worse?

I would be hesitant to see a chiropractor unless you rule out a hamstring tear. And angelonearth made a good point about the sciatic nerve being so close to one of the muscles of the hamstring. If your sciatic nerve is being pinched by a swollen muscle you might get pain and weakness.

I would have my doc do an exam to see if there are signs of nerve problems. Try ice for pain. Let me know what type of pain it is.

Feel better


When ever I have sciatica or low back issues I head for my acupuncturist...she preforms miracles for me! No pills ever helped me when I have the sciatica and or low back issues. Good luck my friend..

Gentle hugs! xoxo

I broke my tailbone and it was terrible down my legs. Just wondering?

does chiropractic help with this? there are very few who will take have to pay upfront. so i have not tried it for a long time. YES, my hamstrings burn when i walk! that is part ot what happened after the spinal injection which tells me it is related to the spine and chiro might help...hang in and hang on....annie

get nice and warm, put on medidtative music you enjoy, lie on your tummy and take deep breaths while thinking ONLY good thoughts. see how it goes...for temporary relief. btw, how do i start a new discussion? thanx, annie

dear angelonearth ~ i am soooo sorry that you suffer in this way. i have sciatic nerve pain but not full blown sciatica....i KNOW it is horrible. my prayers...annie

SK, these exercises are probably redundant but i figured i'd include them, since they are from a Sports Clinic:

I hope your silence hasn't been because of the pain you're in. I know you have so much on your plate right now, health wise. I hope your chiropractor can straighten this out for you, SK. I know that feeling of not being able to sit on anything for any length of time, and yes, it IS murder! But the level of pain you're in - stating that they both feel ruptured - seems beyond even the "norm" for pain in this area. You couldn't have ruptured them, could you? Since you also have PsA, I take nothing for granted in terms of what can happen.

I’ve recently been to a chiropractor and learnt so much more about FM during this session. Did you know that FM causes the muscles to tense and this has a negative effect on our bone structure? No one has ever told me this. Have been for two sessions in the last week and already feel a bit better. Sadly in doesn’t take the FM away :-(.
I would recommend seeing a chiro as i’ve been experiencing same pain & discomfort in hamstrings.

Tricky, this may be it entirely, I have spinal stenosis of the tail bone! This weather could be making it worse, I decided against the Chiropractor, he is wonderful, but I don't feel up to the bone crunching just right now, or the ride to get there!

SO, for now it's morphine!

Oh, I know Naz, and tendons and ligaments shrink. I guess this will just be part of the rough winters and progression of the Psoriatic Arthritis going after my tailbone! It is closing and curling up, and that is just killing me too! I decided against the chiropractor, he may not touch me right now anyway.

YES! That is one that hurts often, I also get the pain in between my top thigh and close to where my hip is. Sitting for long is really hard, and being fibro people we become used to our medications very quickly. I would seriously start eating organic, and if your not taking vitamins or herbs for fibro. There is a really good one at walgreen's that is just for fibromyalgia. I think it helps a great amount, but changing food helps even more. That means no pop or coffee too.

My sympathies to all who suffer sciatic pain. Twenty years ago I ended up, after 5 months of treatments and therapy, with surgery for a ruptured disc in my lower spine. I was out of work most of that time because I couldn't sit in a chair. I felt that even with painkillers it hurt more than natural childbirth!

I remember my doctors back then saying that if the pain goes down both sides it's not from a spinal herniated disc. I'm sure, SK, that in your current pain that's not much consolation. But think of it this way - it's something you DON'T have!

I actually keep a list of all the things that I've been tested for and don't have. It cheers me up on my worst days to look at all the different diseases and cancers that I definitely do not have. (I try not to think about how much it cost me to find that out).

I wish I could suggest something really effective to ease your pain. The only thing (in addition to pills) that ever worked for me was lying on my side in bed distracting myself playing computer games on the bedside table my loving hubby set up for me. Sim City worked really well because when I felt my worst I could destroy the town I'd built!

Best wishes and gentle hugs