Anyone else on paxil for fibro?

I Have been on paxil for a couple of months now. I am up to 60 mg and have 3 more weeks to see if it’s going to help. I still feel depressed at times. I still have lots of pain and anxiety including social anxiety. I’m hoping this helps tried so many different meds starting to get fed up with meds.

Hi and big welcome, I was on Paxil with Abilify back-up and Valium. Plus hydrocondone, tried, didn’t work, Lyrica really helps, I was on morphine tabs until Nov. hubby was laid off in Oct. so could not afford my Meds. hade to make a tough decision. Be in pain or be able to go to the restroom. I chose restroom. Dealt with PAIN since then and it just got worse everyday. Really down, been in a bad depression for months and anxiety, social anxiety, bad panic attacks. No more panic attacks. Social is better, I thought my neighbors were watching me, I could not leave my bedroom for about 6 months. Better now. Why would people want to watch me I hardly go out or go anywhere, if I do it is short . I have to be home. Your shopping, lift your head make eye contact and they see it in your face and eyes, so I don’t like to go out very often. They see something is wrong but you don’t look sick. Going back to Meds I have almost been on one or the other try this one for a month, no, try this one and it just keeps going until you find the one that works for you. Have you found a good rhymo doc or arthritis specialist . Please ask when calling if the doc is familure with fibro if not move on you have to find one that fits you also and knows the disease and don’t dismiss you and tell you it is all in your mind. There are great docs out there I was lucky I guess because I found mine through my gen. doc. and he is just wonderful. I also my knees sound like broken glass is in ther when I walk or stairs is really bad, had a shot 6 months in both knees a thicker kinda cushion it lasted 2 months. If you read any early posts of mine you will get a general idea what ailments I have or waiting to find out if things have progressed in the brain and lung. May also be diagnosed wi MS. Maybe cancer who knows. One day that’s all we can do is live in moment because it is 12:41am where I am and this is what I am doing, laying in bed, not at all sleepy, getting back to everyone that has been a great little pick me up. For all of us have a good night and a little less pain tomorrow. Big soft bear hugs! Donna

Hi Selena, I was on Paxil a long time ago for depression but I wasn't diagnosed yet with Fibro at the time. The Paxil did help the depression for me, as I recall it took about 8 weeks to feel a difference. Along with a good counselor, it really helped. I am sending good thoughts your way that you will soon see a benefit. Hugs.