Anyone else here on Lyrica?

I’m wondering how Lyrica is doing for anybody else. Mine seems to work but then wears off in the middle of the afternoon. It’s hard for me to take more than the 75mg that I’m taking now because my heart starts racing.

Hi Stacrj03, I remember back in 2011 my doctor at that time put me on Lyrica, it did the same for me, but my reaction to Lyrica after 6 months was more like I was just in a rage all the time, it worked for a little while and when it wore off, it seemed like I went through a withdrawal more than just feeling the pain again, and with the rage that was how I fought the pain…it was pretty crazy so they took me off for Cymbalta, my mom took Lyrica for 8 years for her fibromyalgia as it worked well for her, but she took one pill in the morning and one pill in the mid afternoon after talking to her doctor, she was increased with the dose and over time the dose increased again until she was at max dosage, but what I can say is it works differently for everyone, so talking to your doctor about how it works for half a day and then it wears off might be the best suggestion. I hope this helped.

Lyrica was a god send when it was approved. It helped me tremendously. I tried to increase dose this summer but I immediately developed lower extremity edema, so went back to previous dose.

I’m scared to see if something would be better as I remember the level of pain I used to have.

My experience with Lyric was that I gained 19 pounds in 10 days. I stopped taking it, and it took me over 6 months to get that 19 pounds off. I am on a narcotic now. I seem to be allergic or have bad side effects from almost all meds tried. I am trying hard to learn to live with chronic pain and stay out of assisted living. I am 74 and have had fibro for 40 years.

Thanks ladies. After about 2 months on Lyrica I have gained about 10 lb. But it seems the wait is mostly on the left side of my body which seems really strange to me. My doctor, doesn’t seem to care.

I was on Lyrica for about 6 years, 450 mg a day. 150mg a.m. and 300 p.m. It worked really good but I was taking Savella with it. I had to stop taking it when I began having suicidal thoughts. I had gained a lot of weight while taking it and it made trying to lose weight futile.

Carolyn I can totally relate to your issue with medications. I hate that I have to take a narcotic pain reliever, but I am allergic to aspirins, NSAIDS, and experience horrible side effects to most anything I take. I was given low dose of gabapentin to try earlier this year(100mg at bedtime) and I thought it showed promise… I was sleeping better!- but it was dropping my blood pressure so low that I fainted upon standing up a few times. I even tried to stick with it a month after, hoping my body would adapt, but didn’t seem to. Can’t risk anymore injuries, so. Back to melatonin at bedtime.
Hoping you have a good day❤️

This is why Lyrica is driving me crazy! I have an appointment the 28th to start tapering off and I’m honestly terrified! Like you said, you can’t really tell it’s working until you miss a dose. I’ve even seen a symptom of Lyrica say “may increase pain” and how ridiculous is that :sweat:

I think if you work closely with the doc and taper down/off slowly you will be ok.
A dear friend of mine fell from a cliff while hiking in Autumn of 2017… massive open head injury, and for better or worse the trauma center he was flown to “saved his life”
His new” life” lasted 10 agonizing months, where he eventually died of complications. I mention this because during one such period of crisis, he was again placed in ICU for septicemia. As often happens, his routine meds were omitted. Just as seemed to stabilize, day 4 he starts rapidly decompensating, with dangerous drops in his blood counts. Transfusions were given, not helping much… sadly , it took THIS nurse to review his med list( I was his appointed health care proxy) and so I reviewed withdrawal symptoms of each. Well: he’d been on 900 mg’s of gabapentin for the past 5 months, which abruptly stopped upon hospital admission! The side effects of this were potentially deadly. I was glad I was dealing with a critical care doc who actually listened to me, and the sitch was reversed quickly by getting him back on titration dosing .
Moral of the story: abrupt discontinuation of gabapentin is DANGEROUS! Make sure you have a loved one or family member to advocate for u should u be unable to discuss your med profile, etc; if ever hospitalized as well.

Be well :heart:

Thank God for nurses like you or else so many people would be at the hands of complete morons… that medication is very strong I’m surprised he survived! I will be patient with my tapering thank you so much for sharing.

You are very welcome… and I hope you get to feeling better :slightly_smiling_face:
Stay strong!

I havent posted on this thread since October. Since then, my GP sent me to a NEW pain doc. he immediately took me off my narcotic, Norco, which was a lifesaver as am allergic to most meds. He now has me on LDN 4.5 (look it up, too long to post) and ibuprofen. Good Grief, I could take ibu on my own if I wanted it. There’s more to it, but short story is he offered me Lyrica, which I quickly refused, since gaining so much weight on it before. Bottom line is everyone’s body is different. what works for you might not work for me, and on and on… wishing everyone a better day today.

My doctor used the word Lyrica for the first time yesterday (yes, same crappy dr I want to get rid of!)
But, good lord, does everyone gain weight from this drug??? Is it from edema or does it make you hungry so you eat more, or maybe both?