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Anyone else deal with this?

About 2-3 months ago my left hand went numb. It’s just the last 3 fingers; and they are only sort of numb, if that makes any sense? At the very least it’s like I can feel with them but the skin or something is numb. Other times it is more intense - I find it harder to feel things with those fingers. Makes it interesting when your hand is telling you that you don’t have hold of something, but your eyes are telling you that you do - seriously messes with the mind! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now tonight I noticed that my left foot is sort of doing the same thing. It is just the outside edge of the middle toe into the inside edge of the 4th toe.

In both cases I can move fingers and toes normally, they are just numb. And really it doesn’t hurt - at least not from the numbness anyway.

So, any ideas what is going on? I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday and I plan to talk to him about it then. The appointment has me rather nervous anyway and must say this is not helping. :worried:

I’ve may have had this before but was related to degenerative disc disease in my cervical spine - in between my shoulders. It was diagnosed as trigger finger , I had pulled a muscle now it comes & go’s every so often . But it doesn’t sound like your in any pain so it may not be the same thing . Some medications can cause numbness or tingling too, best to let your doctor know because it could be something more serious. I hope you get it resolved.

I’ll talk to him, not really expecting much. He wasn’t at all concerned about my hand - just said I had messed up a nerve, try not to use my hand and don’t do anything to aggravate the nerve. :roll_eyes:

Last night was a up and down night - up every couple of hours and took awhile before down to sleep again ( :rofl: ) and I noticed the numbness had left during the middle of the night. As of this morning it still is good, so will see. My hand did that for a while - the numbness came and went - before it settled in for good about 2-3 months ago.

And no, I’d say not so much pain as annoyance. That’s what confuses my so much with this. Whenever I tell someone the doctor says I messed up a nerve they always grimace and look something like this :persevere: and then comment about how painful that always is. And then they always look like this :open_mouth: when I say no, just annoying. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

I can DEFINITELY relate to what you are going through! I’ve experienced this intermittently in my hands, and; permanently in my right foot. The outer aspect of foot, to be precise.
I would suggest you get your neck/shoulder evaluated though, as injury or degeneration in those places can also cause this.
Hang in there!!
I’m always grateful for this support group because when I stop by, frustrated by my symptoms, I feel NORMAL here!!(aka not alone :slightly_smiling_face:)

Yes, I also have degenerative disc disease in my spine and my hands and feet always go numb. My doctor told that our cervical and lumbar part of our spine is triggers for fibromyalgia. Get check to make sure there is no damage to your spine.

Is your doctor an orthopedic doctor? You might want to see one just so they can check to see if you’re spine is pinching a nerve.