Any tips for weight loss?

Before I got Fibro it was nothing for me to easily drop 7-14 pounds in about 6 -8 weeks. Well of course things are very different. When my mum was in hospital I lost nearly a stone, then of course after I had finished arranging the funeral or anything else for that matter the weight crept on. But It didn't worry me at first because I knew I could loose it. Then when Fibro hit I've really started to panic.

I walked my dog 2,1/2 miles last monday and I am still paying for it now and it's Saturday!!! What?!? I know Fibro is something you have to learn your limits with but now I'm really stuck. I don't know how i'm going to shift this excess weight especially if I can't do the exercise that I am use to doing.

I am going to start doing yoga and Pilates to see if that can help me, and I try and walk my dog for at least 30mins a day. But Still no weight shifting. And i've even started to count calories and make sure i'm not stuffing myself (though there are times that I just really need that chocolate bar for a little pick me up).

The Doctor has told me if I can loose a bit of weight by the time I next see him, which is in 3 weeks he's going to put me on a weight loss drug (can't remember the name)

Does anyone else have any tips?

Much Love Anney x

No :/ but I would love to hear if anyone else does! I'm back to counting calories myself.

Hi Anney, I'm sure everyone here would like to know about this 'weight loss drug', or at least nearly all of us! It's hard to move around well, so we end up 'packing it on'. Any success stories are welcome!

Hey, what about swimming?

Hope you are doing well, Anney!

Hi Anney, Laurie here! I am beginning to think maybe having weight problems CAN be caused by Fibro. The thing is, that I have the opposite problem. I can not keep my weight up. It's a struggle for me. I am 5' 6'' inches tall and my best weight in looking really good is about 118 to 122 pounds. The thing is, when I first got the Fibro, that's when I noticed my weight bouncing around all over the place. When my son graduated from college in May of last year - I was the lowest I had ever been. A friend of mine took pictures of that day and when I saw myself in the photo, I was so shocked. I was WAY too thin and everything I ate just fell off me. I was miserable. Well, I had an appointment the following day with my nurse, Megan. She, too, thought I was too thin. She wanted to put me on a high calorie drink. But it is really expensive, because I would have to drink about 3 cans a day to get my weight stablized. Well, Megan told me of a place called ''care chest'' - it is a place where you can get free medical supplies, equipment, and high calorie drinks. Well, I went there, signed up and I could only be a member if my annual income was at a certain level. Every month, I go there and get my drinks for free and now I am putting my weight back on and it's stabilizing, so far. I used to be very athletic but now, I am lucky if I can walk around the block and make it back home in one piece! Anney- don't get too frustrated over your weight problem. Take it one day at a time and be very careful of any supplements or weight loss drugs that the doctor may give you. Just be knowledgeable enough to know what you are putting in your body! We go through so much with our Fibro, we don't need any other problems going along with it. Huggles!1 Laurie


Losing weight when you have chronic pain is sooo difficult. I am planning to try to get back on my stationary bike next week. I packed on weight when I was put on high dose steroids 2 years ago and it's still there... and I'm tired of it and hate it.

Part of my problem is that I haven't been as good with my diet as I should be. There really is no secret to weight loss. It all comes down to burning more calories than you consume. If I eat 800 calories per day and don't burn more than 800 calories per day, I will not lose weight.

We have to either cut calories or burn more calories to be successful. (Not easy, I know).

Good luck,



I have a problem similar to yours. Right now the weight is falling off of me. Now, I’m not complaining but I am starting to worry a little. I always had to really work to lose weight. I seemed to have a plateau that I could never get past. Well, we have passed it and that’s the part that worries me a little. I passed my plateau, no problem.
I have noticed that my appetite is just kind of “eh” lately. When I’m in pain, the last thing I want to do is eat. It upsets my stomach and just makes me feel worse in general. Like many here, I have a huge sweet tooth. Just about any cookie would seem appetizing normally, but lately…not even a sweet sounds very good.
Well, it’s pretty early on a Saturday morning here and I have lost my concentration once again.

Hi Anne’s X, I started a weight loss group. Just this week. We don,t have all the answers bot one person in the group has a personal trainer and she has been sharing tips with ou, I could never afford one right now. I gained 30 pounds after a major flair up in October. Mince the first of January I have lost 13 pounds. I have shared the 17 day diet which is working for me my IBS is finnaly better as well.

Go to groups near the top of th page then click on weight loss and fibromaylgia.

Please check the group I started just this week. Weightloss and Fibromaylgia,

An anti-inflamatory diet might do you good all around with the fibromyalgia, and weight loss would be a bonus. This diet has worked for me to reduce my symptoms, I eliminated gluten and follow the diet and drink lots of water. All the bloating and any excess weight that I had just dropped right off of me. I have found that the stubborn weight or water bloating was due to digestive issues and my diet. Once I got that straightened out, I saw a dramatic difference.

Nightshade vegetables can cause inflamation in some people


Well hopefully if i can loose a bit of weight by the next time i see my doctor I can tell you all if it works.

I can swim, but I think it's the way my local pool is built, but i get half way and my lungs feel compressed and i can't breathe properly. I can swim alright in other pools but it's getting there.

i have heard nothing but good stuff about bodi by vi!! i plan ti start it my self but i want my doctors imput on it!! my friend is on this and has fibro along with other diseases amd she been doing for almost six monts and has lost weight and is off all medications !! good luck!!

My doctor has been very helpful in this area. I eat no sugar, no grains except oats within an hour of waking up. Sample breakfast - 1/2 cup dry rolled oats- cooked with blueberries (great joint anti-inflammatory), cinnamon, 15 grams walnuts (great fat for the brain and nervous system). I sweeten with Stevia. I have started limiting fruit after noon (unless I workout, which I then add fruit to my protein shakes). I eat only lean protein and TONS of veggies. I also drink 1.5 gallons of water if possible. I do try to walk intensely or most recently I began lifting weights with a personal trainer that understands autoimmune disorders. Weight lifting, cardio and stretching along with limiting calories to 1200 per day. I am very careful and keep careful records. I can’t workout everyday. I do on good days, rest on bad days. I have found vit d levels, magnesium, calcium and CoQ10 help as well.

The key is be very patient. Be very aware of WHY you are eating. My doctor mentioned that many of us with fibro have learned to eat to try to deal with pain, emotions. I know pain is a.major trigger for me. One thing that keeps this controlled for me is eating @ every 3 hrs. I can easily tell myself if I eat that often, I can wait. Planning meals, cooking and freezing for quick reheat help a LOT
I eat out very little since I can’t control what I am eating as easily. One other thing- I do clean eating. I

I know it is a LOT but once you start - you will be shocked! don’t. want to eat anything with additives or chemicals when possible. We are so sensitive to them.

but dont get on any weightloss drugs,, bracause they have side effects..yes, i have been suffering from fibromyalgia for the last 15yrs, and as u can read from one of my disscussions i still dont all the way my limits, losing any weight with fibromyalgia, is extremely hard ive lost weight by walking more,yes walking more my limit is 9 blocks going and coming, cut out pop,and candy , sweets , by us having fibromyalgia we retain more water weight than normal people,,any excersise we can get is great,..thankx for the discussion gentle hugs..pynkmynk!!

Love this!!! Right on track with my experience!!!

Please be careful of Body by Vi. It is all chemicals. We are so sensitive to chemicals, Replacing food with chemicals is a dangerous risk. Please look at other ideas. I strongly challenge the above suggestions and absolutely avoid weight loss drugs! Same risks - good luck!

Yea, I mean having a buddy or two to support you and hold you accountable and go through this difficult process with you makes all the difference in the world. If I'm down one day my buddies can motivate me and and I'll do the same for them. And it can keep us focused on the goal at hand. Sometimes thats all I really think I need to get out of this rut im in. Doing it together is what really works.

phentermine or phentametrazine plus a thyroid supplement worked great for me but most docs dont like to mix with FM meds.

Thats my problem. It hurts to work out, esp bc it gives me a headache for some reason. not to mention the other aches. I cannot do sit ups bc of my back pain. and I think in general, a side effect of have FM is weight gain. Plus the opiates and other drugs can absolutely make you pack on the pounds. That combined with the depression (which causes weight gain) that most of us seem to suffer from, well, its a pretty uphill battle to say the least.

When we feel so awful with pain I think we turn to comfort food for a quick smile. Something we know we love, that will temporarily make us happy and feel good. I recently lost 30lbs. I keep a fruit salad or just fresh fruit in the house...cheese and sausage and a healthier than normal for me snacks in the house. I have NOT been going to the gym or walking. I just can't. It takes EVERYTHING I have to just maintain a semi-normal life.

So try to eliminate the ever so wonderful "Junk Food" in your house and find sherbert instead of ice cream or diet instead of regular anything.....just read the labels.

Good Luck My Friend.


This is the old pehn phen diet that caused heart complications.