Any recommendations on gentle yoga exercise dvds?

I'd like to start doing very gentle yoga at home or in office and don't know where to start... Can anyone recommend a dvd title they have found helpful? Thanks! Have a good night everyone.:)


I suggest the library or a video rental store, if those are still in existence. I have bought the gentle yoga and gentle stretching DVDs and turns out they were not gentle at all.

Hope this idea helps, and hope you can get some substantial relief!

Glad you added your photo, I always feel I can get to know someone much better when I see their face!

lol...i had to take a moment to respond here, also to say: "gentle" yoga has not been gentle at all for me. the only yoga that has worked (admittedly, i haven't done much since fibro!) is RESTORATIVE yoga. i loved that class. it was done in a dark room, the teacher was murmuring...very soft, very slow, very quiet, and all the poses were done to nurture, comfort, relax- restore! you could search for this in titles. but i think the main reason the class worked for me is that i actually had someone kind & gentle giving me support (she would go around the room & help adjust people from time to time & show me how to get more comfortable...that was lovely). anyway, i also had a friend w/bad fibro who went to a yoga for chronic pain class. or yoga for the elderly/people with injuries might do it. good luck! :)

“Back Care Basics” is actually a Very Gentle beginning yoga book written by a doctor–this was a life saver for me–I used it after my 1st Spine Fusion. It is so well illustrated and written that you don’t need a video

There is a series of yoga dvd's done by the Mayo Clinic. I bought the one for Arthritis. Boy was it basic! I was wanting just a little more. The really good thing about this one is that it also has a diet section included. Helpful to me because I always need coaching to keep the tons of veggies in my daily routine.

It might also be available on


Hae Baltimore Baby, I just saw this on pinterest and it looks like a good site. Also YouTube probably has some gentle yoga ideas.

Just a few poses and 5 minutes. I'm going to try it right now before I go grocery shopping.


Thanks everyone, you are all so terrific with suggestions. I will take note and keep everyone posted on what is working. :) I pray something does. This fibromyalgia pain is just so awful.

Hi SK, I felt I needed to add my photo for that very reason. I like the little butterfly next to my "name", it's cute and all, but I wanted to give ME a face :)

I tried this one ( and it's quite hard today. Knees and the big stretch...too much.

This is very interesting to me. Thank you Jackie. I've had one fusion. L5-S1, and I got relief. My whole spine seems to be really giving me trouble now, she sharpest pain in my neck and head. I want to prevent having another fusion. I'm going to go to and put this in my shopping basket!

L, I just tried that one. The stretch was bad, but not horrible for me, but being on my knees like that was a killer, ugh.:(

Yeah, let's not do that one. I'm with you!