Any Fibro sufferer with Spinal Stenosis pain?

Over the past 30 years the best help for fibro for ME was cortisone shots and pills. BUT… that also caused osteoporosis, so i have to be careful and not lift heavy things or fall. The past two years MRI’s indicate spinal stenosis in the low back (lumbar). Its pretty easy for me to distinguish between the fibro pain and the stenosis and docs have tried many meds including morphine. nothing helps. I cannot have surgery to create some spinal space because as the Ortho said “your bones wont hold a pin, wire or any stabilizer -and the surgery itself could make your spine crumble”. So any ideas for pain relief would be appreciated. I do not regret the cortisone because it allowed me to have a job, family, trips, etc. Am paying for it now !


Hi, Carolyn.
I am so sorry to hear about your back pain and the deterioration of your spine. I’m sure it was scary to hear those words from your orthopedic doctor. I’m so sorry that the pain meds aren’t helping!
My own pain in back will vary from day to day. I also have spinel stenosis, sciatica, 4 fused discs in neck (2 surgeries with plate and rods), many epidural and nerve block injections… Just doing my best to keep going, as you have done all these years. The problems in my hands, shoulders and feet are also quite painful. The combination of medications that my doctor has me on does still help. Have you asked your doctor what else they can do for you to help with the pain? Perhaps some therapies for your back? Other than ice or heat, I’m not sure what a person could do. Have you ever tried a TENS unit? Maybe others on the site will have ideas for you. Please hang in there and let us know how you are doing. Saying prayers and sending hugs your way! :purple_heart:

Hi, Carolyn, I’m so sorry to read you are not getting any/enough relief for your many pain sources. Sadly, I can completely understand and sympathize with you because I could have written much of what you wrote. I have all the physical issues you mentioned. I get the c. shots occasionally, but refused morphine, so my drs have pretty much stopped suggesting anything except the shots, Voltaren gel, muscle relaxers (for spasms) or tylenol. I started doing Tai Chi a few years ago and that helps tremendously, especially on days when I can barely move. I find massages give me lots of relief and improved mobility, even though they do not get rid of the pain. I just feel a whole lot better after one. They’re expensive here (everywhere?), so I only get them occasionally and not now with covid. I’m getting one as soon as I can after I get my 2nd covid vaccine! Acupuncture also gave me relief, but practioners kept leaving, etc., so I do not go anymore. I hope you can find some ways to feel better. I really believe we have to keep looking for what works for us, individually. It feels like we have to keep reinventing the wheel of pain relief! All the best.:green_heart:


Hi Carolyn
I too suffer a lot with back pain on really bad days, I hit the hot tub 3 times a day.
I can not take any NSAIDs
My routine is to take CBD oil with Indica oil for calming me down.
I get cream made up at the pharmacy Ketamine 5% with Lidocaine 5% on the bad areas.
New drugs include; Naltrexone pill with Nabilone pill
I hope you some relief; I know how you feel


Hi Carolyn
I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. I thought for almost 30 years that my severe lower back and hip pain, as well as a shooting pain down my leg, were the result of my fibromyalgia. I saw an orthopedic doctor in Spring 2020, who took tests and told me I have bad osteoporosis. He also said the pain in my hip is caused by my “bone on bone” hip joint - which I need to have replaced. I will be pursuing that soon, now that I have received my covid vaccines.
On the topic of bone loss, I’m not sure what to do about it. Several doctors have suggested I take Boniva or Reclast. I refuse to take either of these, because I have seen so much data on the side effect of causing your jawbone to actually die. Several dentists have confirmed this happens to some who take these medications. Have your doctors suggested any treatment for your osterporosis, besides taking these meds? Best wishes for a better week ahead!

AussieMom - i have a TENS but am seeing primary doc in April and going to ask for a new one. this is 8 years old & not working right. My pain doc wants to insert a TENS into my spine so it can work 24/7. When I said ortho told me my bones will not tolerate surgery, pain doc turned around, walked out and slammed the door. i now see only his PA for my Norco. The government “opiod crisis” stopped my primary from giving me Norco. So i have the extra expense of the pain doc for exactly the same amount of meds. Sunshine, please follow your instinct on the Boniva and Reclast. I have a friend used Reclast and insurance would not pay until her flesh was destroyed and nurse could visually see her teeth. She now has oral cancer. Please follow your instinct. WHITEY - move over, there are about 100 of us that will rent a bus and come to use your hot tub !! I am so glad it helps you.
My other thing to share is attitutude. In the mornings, I hurt at an 8 or 9 and pray to simply be able to feed my cat and get dressed. But in the back of my mind, i know that light exercise, food, focusing on a project…by afternoon i am down to a 6 and by bedtime, i feel about a 4. Thank you all for your ideas. I appreciate anything - especially prayers.

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