Anxiety issues

Anyone here have anxiety for no reason? It just comes up on me for no apparent reason. My heart starts to race, I begin to feel short of breath, I get nausious, dizziness sets in, and I immediatly get hot and feel like I need to pass out!

I make myseld take deep breathes and try to slow myself down mentally, physically, and emotionally. When these anxiety attacks come on I am not under any more stress than normal, sometimes I am at work, other times at home. While I have a stressful job at times, these episodes are happening during non stressful, typical days. These attacks are becoming more and more lately. I have had at least 4 each day in the last week. The nausea has gotten so bad that I have had to take Dramamine to continue functioning.

If anyone else has had these anxiety issues, what have you used to help you through them?

Hi Jennifer,

I've had an anxiety disorder for about 4 years now, generally it can be "triggered" by something, some life event, other times it can just come over us for no apparent reason, but there could be an under-lying reason that you can't actually identify yourself.

These anxiety attacks are exhausting, especially when they are so frequent. When mine were at their worst I was off work with it and would have to just lay down till my heart returned to it's normal pace!

I would recommend you see your GP and a counsellor for some "talking therapy" to see if they can unearth an underlying cause.

Also a beta-blocker tablet can help with your racing heart, like propranolol or bisoprolol which is what I still take now, 4 years on.

Some anti-depressants also have anti-anxiety effects, I take Venlafaxine 150mg every day.

Sometimes this combination of tablets is all that's needed but mine spiralled out of control 3 years ago due to family worries and work stress (nurse Practitioner) I was issued with some Lorazepam 1mg, which helped me get back on track.

My anxiety is well controlled now but I know it's still lurking! So I try not to get out of my "comfort zone" !!

I would certainly advise you see someone about it, get it under control before it spirals and gets bad like with me as it made me feel so ill.

Some counselling/talking therapy maybe all you need but medication can certainly help and I would recommend this if it's offered to you.

Don't try and cope alone, I did this for months and in the end it made my recovery longer.

I'm so sorry you're feeling like this, I remember it very well, that racing heart, nausea, rapid breathing and feeling faint is awful beyond words, I'll never forget how it made me feel, so please get some help, I just wish I had sooner than I did.

I tried relaxation CD's and calming breathing, which does help too, but get advice.

I'm happy to chat anytime, I've been there but the only way I got through it was to get help, coping alone was not working.

Thinking of you and please keep in touch,

Love Lucy xx

Hi Jennifer,

I too suffer from anxiety/panic attacks. I went to the same therapist 2 different times. Once for talk therapy and once for EMDR therapy. ( if you feel like learning about it:‎)

I've learned that there is research that suggests there is a link between fibromyalgia and anxiety. Take a look at this link:

Secondly, while going to therapy (just one reason was childhood trauma), I learned that many many people who endure traumatic events in their lives end up with not only anxiety issues but chronic pain issues as well. I would definitely recommend speaking to your dr. about won't go away on its own.

Thankfully though, there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

Coffee can bring them on for me. A hot topic. Caffeine can stay in your system for a long time.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow, MIMI. Glad you are seeing someone.

EMDR sounds very interesting. I am going to check in to it myself. My anxiety is very bad again. Thank you rosie!


Thank you everyone!! I plan to discuss with my doctor at my next visit. I haven’t had an traumatic event, but I have had a very stressful life, maybe my normal level is actually stressful and I do not realize it!
Short version:
When I was 12 my dad had his first massive heart attack, open heart surgery, and I had to start helping out more around the house. When I was 18 I met my husband, we had an on again off again relationship and I got preganant at 20 years old. We remained together, but continued to be unstable. When I was 23 I lost my paternal grandpa (grandma had passed from alzheimers 13 years before) We found out I was preganant again when I was 24 and got married. 2 years later I had a miscarriage. Then 2 years later pregnant again. During this pregancy dad had a second heart attack. When this baby was 1 week old dad had defibrilator put in with minor complications. When this baby was 6months old my maternal grandma had a massive stroke, while recovery from her stroke in a nursing home they discovered she had cancer. While dealing with grandmas cancer, my mom started having pain in her knee. Grandma died 9 years ago and that same month mom’s knee pain was diagnosed as fibromyalgia, and lupus…but turned out it was primary bone cancer in her hip. I lost my job, and my husband and I seperated all in the same week, this was 8 years ago. I started nursing school when I lost my job. 7 years ago my mom died, and during her fight my husband and I got back together. My dad’s health continues to decline, so 5 years ago my husband and I along with our 3 boys moves in with him to help take care of him. A year and a half ago my uncle who was just 43 years old died from complicationa from surgery, he ledt behind 3 kids and 2 grandkids, along with my aunt who is my moms youngest sister and she ia heart broke without him. Last November my maternal grandpa died and my aunts and uncles all had issues with each other and fought about his memorial service even. I work full time, am way in debt, and have 3 boys who are very active in sports. I love my job, love my family, and love being busy…I so not feel stressed…even tho I know my life is crazy busy! My oldest son is a senior this year, will graduate in May and wanta to go to college, he has a wonderful girlfriend who I like alot, I have no issues with him growing up, moving forward…he is a very mature and responsible young man, I am proud of him. My dad’s health is stable for the time being, but I am aware he is not healthy overall. He has major heart issues, diabetes, COPD, CHF, and Zenkers diverticulis. I do not feel stressed about him or his health. Hubby and I are doing great, havent had any issues in a few years now.

See…not 1 actual event…and nothing really seems to stress me out!!

Thanks again for letting me vent, and for all the suggestions! I will keep you all posted on how things progress!!

Hope all goes well with your Dr's appointment next week, tell him/her exactly how you feel, don't hold back and hopefully you'll get some help to make you feel better/cope with these anxiety symptoms. I remember them well and wouldn't want them back!

Wishing you a good day,

Lucy xx

Hi Jennifer I don't mean for you to take this the wrong way and I checked your bio to try and see how old you are only because when I started to go into menopause I experienced all the symptoms you have described between menopause and fibro I felt like I was going crazy for no apparent reason, I went to the doctors and got a simple blood test to see what was going on and I was producing no estrogen at all the symptoms were so bad on top of the Fibro it was making me miserable I am HRT therapy which has helped considerably you can use more natural products, but I am on a disability pension and can only afford the government subsidized meds, it may be worth checking just a thought Warm Hugs Jeannie

yes, I have anxiety issues... what you are describing sounds like a panic attack. I will sometimes wake up with them. Over the counter I will use a product called Gaba calm, I like the sublinguals, they seem to work faster. I have a prescription for Xanax but I don't like to take it if I can get away without it. Sometimes just knowing I have it will help me through an attack.

Hi , I have anxiety disorder , my pain doc gave me lycria and said this can help with anxiety , , as well as sleep , pain . It hasnt so much with pain , but has taken the sdge of the anxiety , I also have been goi g through the menopause for a few years , the anxiety just takes over were I became light headed and heart would race like mad , its eased off a little . I agree with rosie regardi n
g childhood traumas , looking back I had anxiety for some time . Hugs angie x

I am 38 years old, my mother started menopause when she was just 42, I have often thought about menopause myself, however my periods still remain pretty normal. I will mention this to my doc as well tho:)
Thank you!