Anti-Inflammatory Foods

I read that anti-inflammatory foods are good for people with fibro. However, I have found that foods with the most anti-inflammatory properties like flax seed actually sets off the pain in my muscles. I have certain spots that are always in a tight knot and they seems to go into spasms when I eat certain foods - flax seed, pineapple, shrimp... I even took an anti inflammatory med once for a few days and it caused so much back pain I couldn't move off the couch. Anyone else have this problem?

Hi KJ,

Sorry but I can't say I have this problem, I do have allergies, but no know food allergies. I thought for years that it was ragweed that caused my allergies as the timeline for this was spot on, but after going through the scratch test at the allergist, found it was indoor and outdoor mold instead. It seems as though you are finding out the hard way what you are intolerant to. Perhaps an allergist, or a specialist with food allergies could be of help to you.

In nearly every definitions of fibromyalgia I have ever read, it is not considered an inflammatory condition, though many have food sensitivities, food allergies, and chemical sensitivities.

I do know that many of our members have found relief from an anti-inflammatory diet, and I'm in the 'whatever works club', but it doesn't sound very beneficial to you so far. Please be very careful!

Though I am not a Doctor, I have Psoriatic arthritis that is an inflammatory autoimmune disease, I went on an anti-inflammatory diet for about a year with no real results. Years later, I talked to my Rheumatologist about possibly repeating this and asked his thoughts on the matter, he responded by telling me that unless there are food allergies, that with the amount of inflammation this disease puts out, the difference an anti-inflammatory diet would make would be a drop of water in a swimming pool. He is not only a practicing Rheumatologist, but also a University Professor.

I hope that you can get to a good place with what works for you, without any additional suffering!

Wishing you well,


Thank you, SK. I have always thought this was the fibro, but I haven't found anyone else with fibro that has this problem. Not even my son or my sister who have fibro as well. I eat flax seed and I can not move. Part of me thinks my sensitivities are so great that maybe it's working to clean out inflammation and I just can't handle the process while the other side is saying maybe I should get this checked out. I don't really have a doctor and haven't seen one in years. I go to the VA and they refuse to let me see a Rheumatologist. They say I don't need one. I said they treat fibro. They asked if I really had a dx. (beating head against wall at this point) I said yes, it is in your computer system and I was discharged from the Air Force for fibro. They said well a Rheumatologist doesn't treat fibro and I could go to any dr to get treatment. This is the KY VA system. I was seeing a Rheumatologist ever 3 months in Miss VA system. All they have to do is pull my name up in the system and look. But they refuse. I asked in Miss to see someone about food allergies but they refused me there too. They would only let me see a social worker for meds because the VA believed that fibro was all in one's head or just pain due to depression. So I have been treated as if I am crazy and only give antidepressant meds for years. I stopped taking anything about 2-3 years ago as the VA has done nothing to help. They make me feel worse every time I try to get help there. I usually leave the dr crying because they upset me so much, it's all in my head, you just need to get up and move, there's nothing wrong with you, just exercise...