Another long night/day

Once again I woke up in the early morning hours (2 a.m.) hurting, managed to get out of bed and take a pain pill It gets so old, waking up hurting. I roll out of bed and nearly fall down because of the pain. Every joint in my body is screaming! It seems to get worse with each passing day. I could get bilateral knee replacements to fix the knees, but our physical therapy insurance benefits are not that good so I can't afford the copay for the appointments. Of course that won't fix the rest of the joints. I'm not used to talking about this to anyone but my hubby and I don't always talk to him about it. I wish each of my family members could experience 1 day of what I deal with. My pain management doctor and I are trying to cut back on my pain medication, but I'm not so sure it's going to work...

Another thing...I wonder if I do have fibromyalgia. I'm not sure what all the symptoms are, can someone enlighten me?

Hi Mimi,

So sorry about your knees! I'm sure that is agony! Did they ever tell you what the type of arthritis is causing you this problem? Besides Fibro, I have Psoriatic Arthritis, and though my spine is the worst part of me, my knees ache and thump more each day! I know from the x-rays that there is joint damage and bone spurs, I was also reminded that the type of arthritis I have also affects, tendons, muscles, every cell of my body! He also told me he is pretty sure that the PsA caused the Fibro!

Fibro is wide spread muscle pain., some even add joint pain though it is not inflammatory, like arthritis. it causes fatigue, sleep problems, cognitive problems.

I'm so glad that you posted, and I hope that we will hear from you often! I hope you can get some relief!

Big hugs,