Another addition to fibro!

well ontop of bladder infection , ibs is present , last few days had tested me to the limit , lots of tears , my poor husband and sons having to see me like this , had enough at the momement . hugs to everyone xxxx

Angie , I hope and pray you are feeling a bit better !!! I’m thinking about you !!!

Hang in there
Hugs & blessings


sorry you 're having a bad time, IBS,I. Guess you’ve already done this but I will say it anyway.Have you tried removing,gluten,oats,and diary from your diet,itstopped my IBS immediately.Hope that helps Barb


That's winning the lousy luck lottery. Feeling crummy on all fronts, so to speak. Gads.

Are you on meds for the bladder infection? Are they helping at all?

IBS...stinks. I REALLY wanted to say the stronger "s" word here because it's true. Nothing nice about IBS at all. Are you on any kind of treatment for it? Are the meds for the bladder infection affecting the IBS do you think?

All I can say is POOR YOU. And I hope the bladder infection gets under control so you can have some relief. And that the stupid IBS knocks it the heck off.

Hugs with omeprazole,


So sorry your not feeling well. Soft hugs Angie. Hope you feel well soon.

Had a kidney infection a while back. Ended up in hospital at two in the morning. Was so sick I thought I was going to die. And the pain , I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Heating pad , hot water bottle helps. Drink lots of cranberry juice and cherry juice if you can find it.

Be well