Hi everyone! Just curious if anyone has experienced a flare after having surgery? I had knee surgery last Friday and I think it put me in a flare. I had my meniscus and ACL repaired and arthritis cleaned up along with a cyst removed. Any comments will help!
Take care and thanks! Lisa

Hi Lisamarie… Yes! I actually had hernia surgery in 2015 and That was what triggered my fibromyalgia. Since then I have had 3 procedures and every single time, I got a flare up after!!:cold_sweat: It really sucks as if our body isn’t going thru enough. All I can is try to relax and be as pain free as possible from the surgery. I’m not sure if you got pain pills but take them and sleep. It seems to help it go away faster. I wish a speedy recovery​:wink:. Hope this helped​:purple_heart:

Hi Kendra! Thank you for your response! And yes I agree…we try to fix one thing by getting surgery and we end up in this awful flare…lol. I started feeling a little better a couple days ago but it again kicked me back down. I got 20 norco after my procedure but they kind of hype me up. I only took five in the 9 days post op. Hopefully everything will calm down soon…ugh.
I hope you’re doing well and thank you again :grin:


I hate to hear that as I am facing a shoulder surgery. I hate to think that more pain may come with post surgery pain.

For me it’s really depended. I’ve had 5 surgeries for endometriosis and had a couple flares after a couple of them. But last December I had a hysterectomy and for three months after it I barely had any fibro pain (then it came on with a vengeance to make up for lost time!)