...and rest a while

Getting cleaned and dressed is such a laborious task most days, like I'm 110 years old. Every single step needs a rest in between. I do not have CFS, but I am chronically fatigued. Could be the autoimmune, where my immune system is waging war on my body or the immune suppressant that is there to combat this action. Then there's joint damage, muscle spasms, numb arms, hands, fingers...

No matter what the task, there always needs to be a rest, a pause, a stop. By the time I get ready to go somewhere, I'm too tired to go!

Surely you all feel the same way!


Yes I do know exactly what you mean. I volunteer at a non profit and I was there yesterday and about 2p.m. I just hit my wall. There is nothing worse, I don't think, than being exhausted when you have Fibro. I just had to say I have to go right now. They know about my fibro so they asked what they could do to help me and I just kept saying, I have to go right now. I came home and laid down, fell asleep and slept for 4 hours! So yes, I understand completely!


HI friend!! Yes, I know what you are going through. When I want to clean my apartment, I used to be able to just whip right through it all and be done in a couple of hours - including the bathroom!! Now?? I clean when I can - but then I get tired and have to rest. I now have to break up the cleaning that will take 2 days instead of just a couple of hours. I am just slowing down now due to the Fibro and I don't push myself anymore. I take a serious risk if I do - especially my back and the spasms that go with it.

I do get the numbness of the arms and fingers. I also have neuropathy in my fingers and toes and when they flare up, it feels like horrible short pulses of electric shocks. It has recently been hitting me in other areas and I have no warning when it's going to happen. I have joint problems on my knuckles and when they swell up they are huge! Very sore to the touch too. You mentioned you feel 'like 110 years old??' Well, I am right there with ya! Take care SK! Love and hugs, Laurie

I did it again; I lost my reply.

Yes, I know how you feel but you had such a bad day, it must have gobbled every last ounce of strength up. I think you might have even borrowed some spoons from tomorrow's supply. I think you're really going to have to take it easy over the next few days, so you don't end up in a bad flare, SK. Put your feet up by the fire, if there is one, sit back and let everything go for now. Nothing can be done tonight so try to focus on tonight with your husband.

Gentlest of hugs,


By the fire, we had to dig out the AC for upstairs, was 89 when I went to the Dr, hotter than hell! Big storm ready to roll in, that can't help!

So I get home and vent to my husband, the tears and snot rolling, I'm ranting and sobbing, then I cry to my Mom, they I e-mail Renie, then I post, then Renie calls.

I get home grab a few pill bottles and say to my Mom, "So what comes first, the Valium for my nerves, the Zanaflex for my muscles, or the Phenergan so I can take my Morphine. I opted for the Phenergan for the morphine. My blood pressure is never high unless I am in pain or furious, I was not upset when I first got to the Doctor today, but surely was in pain, I do not take morphine when I have to drive, and will NOT drive once I take it. I don't need that heartache yet!

I asked Doc if all of this neck stuff, or at least some of it was from whiplash from being rear ended 3 times, he said it surely was a factor!

I am so glad I have him and he is only a few minutes away! Tomorrow he will talk to me on the phone about my lumbar, I'm sure his gals will get the tests, they did not want me to call, she told me that she wanted to take care of it for me, to call her in the morning. They're all like my family!

I feel like the poster child for that old Joe Cocker song "Cry me a River'! I'm usually not a bawl baby, but surely have been today, it's like all of this just opened the gates!

Yep, sure did, lets just go ahead and add the body to go with it! The kind of body I used to have, the kind to stop traffic! Now I stop traffic because I'm hobbling! ha!

Thanks for the chuckle, girlfriend!

SK , I’m glad you decided to take something for the pain, What a day !!! Sounds like the pain was an issue when you got to the dr’s, so them not having the results I’m sure was the icing on the cake.

I can totally relate ! I have to rest after just about everything, I start to empty dishwasher and have to finish it later… Lol
When I do have to go somewhere I get ready in stages, then rest before I go … Not so funny
Hope your evening got better… Maybe a nice warm bath :slight_smile:

It was not only the fact that he never got the lumbar MRI, it was the fact that the Rheum never talked to me about my neck! And would not look at he Myleogram x-ray! Who knows what may have happened, he may have lost a patient, been up all night with sick kids, or parents. It was the first time, so I'll let it go. I plan to go talk to my Chiropractor soon too. Hugs says he may not be able to adjust me anymore, but I still value his knowledge.

I need to hear my options from all of them. I have a feeling there is a 'rod in my neck' in the future! Don't think there is anything they can do surgically for destruction of SI joints. Something I need to start researching!

Oh, I know, after the shower and shampoo, have to sit down, after the teeth, have to sit down, curl the hair, sit down, it's like a skit from the Carol Burnett show! Yes, I'm dating myself here!

The morphine is helping, I have a feeling I will be going to bed early tonight!