Airplanes & Medication

I have to go to a seminar in Seattle Washington and am flying from Sacramento to Seattle and back. I have never had to fly with prescription medication and was wondering how/where I can find Southwest Airlines and Sacramento Airports laws on prescription medication?

I don't know where to find them, but i've flow internationally with prescription meds before. What I would suggest is get a letter from your doctor listing what meds you are on and that he/she is treating you for fibromyalgia. Then pack your prescription meds in their original containers in a clear plastic bag (like you do with toiletries) and have them in your carry on. It shouldn't be a problem since they should all have your name on them and whatnot :). Have a safe journey.

Try to contact TSA.. they should be able to tell you what you need to know.

I have flown Southwest twice over the last 2 months and you are supposed to carry your meds in your purse. I have never had a problem. Happy flying, Tawny

I always fly Southwest and carry all my scripts with me. Between my husband and myself we have enough to fill a small Overnighter-- we never have any trouble. We have also flown International. With no problems. Some of our scripts are salves. The only concern would be liquids–if they are scripts. Ccarry them in original bottles with Pharmacy tag on them or attached to the box with the pharmacy tag. Hope this helps–TSA will give you specific instructions for liquids. :slight_smile:

This is excellent advice! I would add that maybe you should call the airline where you booked your flight or whom you intend to do business with and ask them this very question. They should be able to give you the facts on flying with prescription meds.

Hi DLP, I have always flown Southwest and never had a problem, I put meds in there original bottle in a quart size Baggie, I also had in my purse a Monday - Friday container with just the meds and didn’t have a problem. You def want to carry them on board vs. in luggage since we all know that can end up anywhere.
Every airport has diff rules, so I would call the airport and ask just to be sure, I did however pack larger powder meds like miraLax, & my vit c crystals.
Have a safe trip
Hugs & blessings

Thank you all for the excellent advice and I am glad it is not as difficult as I expected it to be. I will definitely take in the original bottles just in case and will contact Sacramento Airport to find out what is acceptable with them as well.

I've flown a few times since I first got sick with IC in 2006, and TSA has never batted an eye. I always carry my meds in their original bottles in my carry on (too many to fit in my purse). If I have to take meds during a flight, I just buy water after the checkpoint or on the flight.