Agonizing Pain In Hands And Arms

Does anyone experience a burning and aching sensation in their hands often? I have had fibromyalgia for almost three years and only recently have I felt the pain in my hands. It has spread to my arms before and feels as though my arms and hands are being crushed under the weight of a thousands tons. I have tried pain killers, hot towels, and even putting my hands in Epsom salt tubs, but none of them work. It is happening more and more and no doctor knows what to do. Does anyone know anything that can help? Please. I am desperate.

I am So Sorry that you are going through this. For me it has become extremely painful in my hip joints & lower back. These are what I use: TENS unit, Moist heat, Dry heat, Cold gel packs, Back brace (the kind the CNA’s use at work), Light or maybe it is Passive stretching (bending while on the bed), Dandelion/Ginger Tea-at least 12oz/day, mind you, you Must speak w/your PCP Before trying the tea. Dandelion leaves are packed with potassium & is a diuretic. The ginger has many ways to be used, if you like spicy foods you can grate it & put it in your salsa as you are eating something. Grate it & put it in a tea towel & place on the hurting spot, or sprinkle it in your soaking water. & as I have said I put it into my tea. Ginger is about $4/lb but I use a pound in a month so it really isn’t that expensive. Love, Peace & Light. Maggi.

Hello. So sorry that you’re going through this right now. Yes, I have pain in my hands sometimes as well. I use peppermint oil and rosemary oil. Mix with a carrier oil and rub it all over my hands. I then place two lightweight gloves that I purchased and cut the fingers out of onto my hands. This helps a lot with the pain. Especially at night, it allows me to be able to go to sleep.

I also make a turmeric and ginger tea when I’m having a flare or certain fibro pain and drink it 2-3 times a day. It helps a lot. Hoping you find something to help your pain very soon.

Blessed Be

Hello, I have pain in my hands and arms often (and right now!). Pretty much any body part that I use for more than 5 minutes starts aching so if I drive, work at a computer, hold a coffee mug, read a book, or do anything with my arms they start to ache real bad. I also started a computer/desk job which made arm pain worse.

The only solution I have found is to rest my arms when they start to ache. I let one arm flop down by my side and use the other one and then alternate. I also use heat packs and have sometimes made a sling for myself using a scarf to keep my arm from moving and to stop my arm muscles from tensing.

If your are using your arms and hands a lot for something, try and reduce this. Sorry I don’t have any better solutions but that’s the best I have come up with to deal with my arm pain!

I experience this daily, that kind of feeling has also starting making its way to my thighs and knees. It is a horrible pain, I am so sorry that you are experiencing it. Sometimes I find that hemp oil can help, as well as taking some ibuprofen to help with the inflammation. Does cold or heat make your pain better or worse?

Hi Laura,
I get really bad burning pain in my arms and hands too. Also, the feeling of having very heavy weights attached to them so that the slightest use feels exhausting. When it gets really bad I can barely use my hands, I drop everything and my handwriting is awful.
It feels as if the pain originates in my neck/back though and radiates down. If I elevate my arms with a cushion when I’m sitting it really alleviates a lot of the heaviness and burning. If I’m out and about I put my handbag on my lap and rest my arms on top. If it’s really bad when I get home I use a tens machine but on the top of my back and that makes my arms and hands feel much better.
I take medication too - gabapentin and tramadol but this just takes the edge off really.
I was told there is not going to be any one thing that is going to cure my pain but if I try lots of different little strategies then together I can get some relief. Also to change up what I’m doing throughout the day. So maybe heat pads in the morning to get going and then tens at night to get to sleep. I think maybe you should try some different things and find what works for you. It’s not going to be a cure but it’s a help to get through the day.

I have had fibro for ten years and the hand pain for about 6 years of it. I have been using compression gloves with great success. Also two old goats lotion for arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Hi I’ve had this horrible disease for 25+ yrs and I had it in my legs for the longest time to wear I couldn’t walk I used a scooter outside and walker in the house and then it moved to my hips and lower back for a while boy I still had the all over pain but now it’s in my arms and my hands boy it’s the strangest thing I laugh but I really want to cry because it hurts so badly it’s like I wanted to cut them off and the exhaustion and flares I get I know that fibro people can relate I use the CBD lotion but it only helps for a little bit the pain always wins out no matter how much I reapply I’m watching the cancer survivor walk I really wish I had that disease cuz I would either survive or I would die not this suffering in this constant pain not noing whether or not how I’m going to feel I try to stay positive but here in Michigan it’s getting cold and that means back in bed I’m sorry I don’t have anything for u all’s I know is that fibro gets wor​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: