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Affected by weather?

I am wondering if other people notice that cold weather increases fibro discomfort. I moved to Maine three years ago and I can’t tell if it is the cold or the fact that I am older (70) that is causing me to suffer more from fibro flare-ups. My theory is that the stress of walking and driving on icy roads and all of the layers I have to put on are the culprit but I really can’t say.

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Hey there! Well all I know is that cold weather definitely makes me hurt more. The worst is cold, wet weather. I hate winter as I’m basically a hermit. Looking forward to Spring! Hang in there!


The winter is definitely the worst pain time for me. I’ve have some terrible flares (almost constant with no good days) this winter. I’m usually better if it gets cold and stays cold … Eventually I’m ok. But where I live there’s a lot of up and down in temps etc which is way worse for me. I’m also effected when a storm system comes through. I’m in horrible pain right now… We just had a snow storm go through followed by artic cold and another round coming Thursday

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Yes, the weather affects / increases my fibro pain. We are getting every week snow right now: Flare since the beginning of February. Driving in snow or rain increases my anxiety, pain, and fibro fog. So, I stay in a lot. But, I find that doing too many home bound activities also increases my pain, and I sleep less. I do not take pain meds, but, prefer to wait it out. CBD water helps, but I won’t dirve with that either. Waiting for spring.

Yes, fibro is affected by the weather as well. My brother receives spikes (nerve pain) whenever a storm is approaching. I received overall pain.
Not sure if the termperature actuall affects it.

If you can, have some very cold or ice baths during the winter. Maybe several times a week. Your body will adapt to the cold weather and rejuvenate after the baths.

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Yes, cold and wet weather. Especially cold. I keep a dehumidifier running to keep the humidity down. I live in Arizona and it is considered dry. But, I can feel the pain increase when the humidity goes up. I also have a infrared sauna that helps keep me moving. I can go in at 125 degrees for 50 minutes. Some people would melt. It make me feel good.

Yes—many fibro folks have temp sensitivity, either hot or cold or both. For several years, my heat sensitivity has been brutal. New England winters didn’t bother me. Now, the cold can be painful too. As I am wont to walk around in the house barefoot if I have a mission and can’t immediately find slippers, walking on cold ceramic tile has brought back the Raynaud’s Syndrome in my feet.

I have to agree with everyone else, cold weather makes me hurt more. I also have noticed that barometer drops and high winds make me feel worse.

Thank you all for your replies. It is good to know that it isn’t just me who is affected by the weather. I live off the water and that damp cold is especially hard to deal with however, I don’t let it stop me from doing all that I usually do such as go to the indoor pool in the morning. Every May people think that I lost weight because I start to shed some of the many layers I wear in the winter. Like you all, I just keep trying to figure out the best way to live with firbro.

I am very affected by weather… but after years of paying close attention to the weather-pain connection; I have found it’s NOT specifically the cold… but rather barometric movement- upor down-that seems to reek havoc with me. I love weather, so it was no stretch for me to follow closely the changes and patterns and correlate how they affected me. You wouldn’t even need to buy any equipment to track more specific weather data, a simple app on your phone can show you not just the obvious; but humidity, barometer, etc and by keeping notes on how you feel under the various conditions you may find temperature alone isn’t the issue.
All the best to you!

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I prefer colder weather but it’s the humidity that affects me terribly, especially in the summer. I can not tolerate heat at all. Barometric pressure seems to be problematic for me as well. Living in KS is one of the worst places for me to be living as the extreme temp. changes are very hard on me. Autumn is my favorite season of the year, and the worse for my FMS/CFS. The temps can fluctuate 40 degrees in one day. I had planned to move years ago but I’m pretty much stuck here now.

Like Lynn5, humidity and heat affect me. Thank goodness it isn’t cold weather, because I live in Canada!

I definitely believe weather affects FM. I have for the entire time that I have had it. My late husband and I chose to move our business to Florida. because we both had health issues that weather was aggravating. We moved back to Illinois, 7 years ago. When I had to stop using Abilify, I suddenly was flaring constantly. I think it has something to do with the changes in barometric pressure.

I definitely notice changes with the weather. I have always had higher pain in the cold (muscles tense up more it seems) and can’t use ice packs for treating anything (I know they’re supposed to be good for severe and migraine pattern headaches, but goodness they hurt!). Topical heat is wonderful for me (heat packs, heat rubs etc), but I can’t use saunas and hot weather, especially hot, humid weather increases fatigue and fog. I haven’t thought as much about barometric pressure, but usually feel it was the weather changes. It often sounds like it, but we don’t joke about having four seasons in one day where I live, so I’ll pay more attention.
Thanks for posting- it’s so good to know I’m not alone!