Hey guys. When you are in a flare is it appropriate to want to go to the urgant care or hospital? I feel like I want to or should but at the same time,they cant do anything and there’s a lot more people who need it more than I do.
Thanks guys. Sorry for posting so much. Have good nap naps!


I think you instinct is correct, they can’t do anything for you at the ER, not really. You’re managing a chronic condition and the ER is set up to help you do that.

Also, be careful with your insurance coverage. I work in the health field and there has been a growing problem with people using the ER for non-emergency issues. Not only is it clogging up the ER but insurance companies are getting tired of it, they’re starting to take the stance that they won’t pay ER rates for chronic conditions such as allergies that have gone into a flare up.

And ER rates have started going through the roof in the past 18 months or so. I don’t know why, maybe it’s an effort to discourage people from using the ER as a local clinic?

I don’t have fibro, I have migraines, I know there have been times I’ve thought about going to the ER but what are they really going to do? Give me pain meds (if I’m lucky in today’s climate) and send me home with a bill of $1000+… not worth it in my opinion.



Hi, I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I didn’t know much about it. Twice in July I went to ER. They didn’t do anything except make me feel more crazy. I didn’t know what a flare was or how to manage it. Thanks to this support group, I have learned a lot! Take care and be good to yourself. Self care is important. Jean


When I’m in a flare, I rest and my Dr gave me meds to help short term with pain meds, muscle relaxants, nsaids, ssri’s. I found who taught me how to use transcranial direct current stimulation. You put two electrodes on your head and run a current through your brain. It doesn’t hurt but it resets my brain and stops the flare.


I can understand feeling like you belong in the Er. But usually if we rest through that kind of flare, it will pass…

One night after i flew across country and into a bad weather system… i was in so much pain from sitting so long…that i thought about it…

At times i know a muscle relaxer is just what i would need, but have yet to find one i can use…because i am also medication sensitive…literally the smallest piece of it i can cut…is still too much, so i use heat for that…


Agree that urgent care or emergency room is not the place for us. But you have to know if you are having your usual symptoms or brand new ones, cause those I would worry about.

Anyway, I would try to make an appointment with your primary or pain management doctor if you are in a bad flare and need some help. Over the years, I have developed quite a supply of a variety of medication that I save for those “rainy” days.

Gentle hugs for you


I’m guessing by urgent care you aren’t referring to the ER but rather clinics where you can go if you are sick and can’t get in to see your dr that day? I guess it depends on what is going on. I don’t really think there is anything any dr besides the one you are seeing for fibro can actually help with. But if you are having something going on that you need extra support for and can’t get into see your dr then perhaps urgent care would be ok. I don’t think I’d ever go to the ER for fibro. I had a hysterectomy last December and had a complication ten days after ( I had a grapefruit sized blood clot that erupted out of the incision where my cervix had been) and went to the ER for that…totally warranted. Yet there were so many people there who like had a cold!!