Advice on prozac and fibro

started taking Prozac but I have a lot of mixed feelings about it I really would like to hear other peoples stories. Has it helped you or has it made things worse?

In the discussion forum there is a search box, in the upper left, put in prozac & it will take you to all of the prozac discussions M

Hi Jannielle, I am sorry you are having conflicted feelings about the Prozac. Did you discuss with your doctor your concerns and did they explain why they wanted you to take the Prozac? I did take Prozac many years ago for depression but I wasn't taking it when I was diagnosed with Fibro in 1998. I don't feel that the Prozac contributed at all to me being diagnosed with Fibro and honestly, I had Fibro symptoms long before I was diagnosed (like the majority of people). I can tell you that the Prozac did help me with depression and I am glad that I took it as it helped me to re-focus my life on more positive things. Anyway, Luna also gave a great suggestion to search Prozac in the search box to see others' thoughts on it. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. Hugs!!

thank you for responding ive done a lot of research actually. I was also the one who requested it my best friend has fibro and she said its really helping her. so I decided to give it a try. I did a lot of reading and a lot of people reported suicidal and compulsive behavior which makes me feel uneasy. I want to keep taking it and see if it helps I was just hoping to hear that more people had positive results. im tired of being mrs.jekyl and mrs.hyde.

Hi , I take prozac and nortriptyline emotionally they have helped a little , I am fine taking these xx hugs angie x