Adrenal Fatigue

Holy cow! What I figured was a flare up was not. My “issues” recently were different, but like every time I go in to the see the doc, its the same…it’s just your fibro and chronic fatigue. Actually, not this time. To avoid further meds on my taxed liver I dove into the world of herbal remedies and what do you know? My fatigue is nearly gone. I still have excruciating pain, but one less thing to worry about. I’ve had fibro since my 20s…now I’m 42. So if your feeling fatigued ask about it. Its worth a shot for any amount of relief. I’m still taking cymbalta during the winter months to help. Its hard, but keep your chin up!

Hi Bonnie!
What herbals did you take? I have been fighting Adrenal fatigue for years no results. It is a constant battle.



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The count to zen drops in the photo has:
Ashwaganda root, holy Basil leaf, licorice root, astragalus root, blackberry juice, and cinnamon. I added more Basil, because why not, I love the smell of basil. I also supplement with turmeric,multivitamin, B12, and the dandelion root. I’m so happy for this relief. I hope it helps you.

I have worked with many adrenal supports off and on for years. My latest support which seems to give me some morning help after 10 hrs of sleep is Now Foods Super Cortisol Support which contains Relora. I continue to re-purchase this support.

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That’s awesome. I saw that on my list to try. I was planning in picking that one up as well. Thank you for sharing, I truly appreciate any recommendations.

Seenie here from ModSupport.

When I see members talking about OTC products and supplements (even vitamins!) I feel I should caution people that they need to tell their doctors everything that they take and everything that they do for self care, as harmless as it might seem. Even OTC medications and supplements can interact with other treatments, so it’s good practice to keep a list and share it with your doctors.

All the best to you.