Ok so I went to the phys dr today. She says she thinks I have ADHD??? She put me on adderall very low does. Me and medication don't get along so well together. Has anyone else been diagnosed with this since have fibromyalgia diagnoses? She asked me lots of question and really I felt like she had known me all my life. I start like several projects and I never ever finished them. The only things I have ever completed was High School, Nursing degree and you just have to laugh. It would explain alot of issues I have on my 3rd husband and boy can I pick em. 1st was a drunk who liked slapping me around, 2nd a womenizer and 3rd just lots of baggage...

So anyway I will report back how I am doing.

Oh great news after a month on visteral and gabapenten I feel like a new women! Stll have some pain but that has never really been my issue. The FATIGUE is better because i can sleep in my bed again. So hopefully this adderall will stop my excessive worrying about worrying. I will let you all know as soon as I see either good or bad.

Hi again, Miss Jackie!

I was diagnosed many years ago with ADHD but the meds didn't seem to do anything for me...but I think it takes time for them to kick in and i gave up too, that's ADHD for ya, can't even finish up takin the flippin meds! As for you having ADHD, please try your best to take the meds and give them plenty of time to work. A month or so, I think is the norm. I wish I would have done that. ADHD made me unable to remember important stuff so it pretty much wrecked my career. Please stick with it. I wish someone had been in my corner when I tried it. Even now my sister screams at me that I. DON'T. HAVE. IT!!! It's very intimidating to go forward with treatment when the people in your life act like idiots about your getting treatment. So I want to tell you that I'm 100 percent behind you going for it and getting the necessary help. ADHD is a nasty and insideous medical issue. It can wreck your life because you can be far too impulsive and unable to complete tasks. So yes, please do it. Please go that extra mile for yourself. You definitely deserve to get it treated and under control.

And it's WONDERFUL news about your fibro meds working so well! It's always great to see people finally having that moment where relief kicks in and you feel like part of your life has returned. Congratulations!



Wonderful to hear some good news. I agree with Petunias Girl. Give meds a chance to work. My husband has ADHD and gave up on the meds to early. He denies he has it like he denies I have fibromyalgia. Best wishes for continued good health. Be well.


I also have ADHD and was prescribed Adderall. Which I loved. I could focus and I could get stuff done. I would google to make sure the Adderall doesn't have any drug interactions with anything else you are taking. I was given Adderall for the ADHD and Lexapro for the anxiety and they have major interactions. I would get muscle stiffness in my jaw, neck, shoulders and my back. I also had breathing issues and was on the nebulizer two to three times a day. Once I stopped both the symptoms went away. But the lack of focus and anxiety came back. Unfortunately the Lexapro is the only thing that controls my anxiety so I had to give up the Adderall. Now I only take it when I really need to focus. Good luck to you. The good thing is once you take the Adderall and can see the difference it makes even if you have to stop your more aware of what "normal" feels like so you know when the ADHD is kicking in and can self adjust.

Funny story about getting diagnosed with ADHD. I was researching ADHD because we thought my nephew had it and while reading I was like hey thats me. So I went to a my doctor and said I think I have adhd. He made me go to Phys dr to be tested. I went for my initial meeting and of course he asked me about my childhood and parents and my family. Then he said I don't think you have ADHD but I think you could benefit from psychotherapy. So I said great but I still want to take the test. So I went back a week later and they put me through a battery of tests. One you had to sit at the computer and click the mouse when you saw the letter E flash on the screen. Then facial recognition, then they told me a story and I had to repeat the story and a few other tests then they made me do the computer test again where I had to click the mouse if I saw a E or the number 3. OMGGGGGG I was clicking all the time. haha When I went back for the results he said, yes you have ADHD heavy on the HD! haha So I asked if that meant I really didn't need the psychotherapy. He said no that would still be beneficial. haha

Hugs to you I know what you are going through.


Thanks to all. I will be good and take my meds and have an open mind. No one has ever said that I had ADHD so I never really thought that having several and I mean alot of unfinished projects were so bad. But I am fast at everything I do..mentally or physically..i will work until i fall over if its important but if its not i will start out at full force then drop marriages were pretty much the same way...i will update as i see how it and hugs to all.

OMG, those tests would have probably made my hair whip off!

Can you tell me, please, Stacey, how long did it take for the Adderall to help you? I felt nothing when I took it. Many years later, I was told that I was *supposed* to feel nothing at first, as people without ADHD get really amped up by it. Well, I didn't get amped up by it. Didn't stay on it too long, in the belief that it didn't work. So if you could give me an idea of how long it took to work on you would help me out. Thanks!