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Adderall or Ritalin for energy and Fibrofog. Anyone Tried it?

I've read alot of success stories from people using Stimlants such as Adderall or Ritalin for CFS and Fibrofog.

Does anyone know anything about this or actually tried any? I have an appointment with my psychiatrist today to discuss it.

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I was on Adderall for ADHD and had to stop because it made my Fibro worse. It made my muscles tight. Especially in my shoulders. Now that is a side effect of Adderall so you might not have that same reaction. I also have TMJ and the Adderall would make my jaw lock ( not open all the way ) and would be very painful.


I was afraid of that. I already have anxiety and thought it might get worse with this.Also had TMJ in the past. I guess I'm feeling desperate and having a hard time accepting the fact that theres no easy way out.


I know how your feeling. An easy way out would be nice! And the more I read the more confused I get. haha Is it I'm not getting enough oxygen? Is it I have too much acid in my body? Is it all in my brain? OR is it I just hurt like crap all the time! LOL Most likely a combination of all that and more.

Gentle Hugs and I hope your having a good day,


I just got back from my appointment with my psychiatrist concerning Adderall or Ritalin. He told me that he wanted me to wait for this "new medication" that coming out. He called somebody to check and see if there was new data on this drug and when would it be approved in Canada. He told me it would probably be MONTHS before we see it. So he reluctantly agreed that it would be alright to use An adhd med in the meantime but he suggested Concerta instead of the others. I don't know yet what my Internist is going to do so i'm impatiently waiting.Excited and nervous at the same time.

I'm like you.The more educated I get the more confused I am...not that it is takes much.hehe The information seems to contradict itself depending on where you look! No wonder everyone's confused. It's a good thing I have a strong sense of humor.lol

I was put on Ritalin for something else and it was a life saver for me. I didn't take it everyday - Just when I felt I needed it. Half hour later I was able to function!! Going back to the dr to request they put me back on it!

My psychiatrist put me on Adderall extended release 30 mg. to combat the chronic fatigue and fibro fog. This has been very recent, so I’ll need to be on it longer for a full report. However, it’s like having my normal life back again for about 6 hrs. I’m energetic and focused. I’m not going to use it every day because I don’t want to build up a tolerance to it, so I’m only using it when I have really bad days, especially days when I have fibro flu. Even getting small glimpses of my old life is making me feel better about things. The one downside is that when it wears off, I feel a little wiped out and usually need a nap.

I used it for several years and it was very effective, mentally and physically. I felt almost “normal” for awhile. But it was a false sense, and I burned myself out.
I wish I would have paced myself and realized how up and down my energy levels were. I had to stop taking it. It was my doing and I learned a valuable lesson.
So, I would recommend trying it, especially if your exhaustion is ruling your life like mine was. I must move my body, exercise carefully and eat as well as possible, or I pay for it!!

I’m using it. My psychiatrist said he doesn’t recommend it for kids. That’s why I get it and my son had something else. Works great for me.:+1:

My son took Concerta. He only took it on school days.

Update: I felt the Adderall, while giving me an energy boost for 6-8 hrs, leaves me feeling pretty wiped out when it wears off and the next day. I’m now trying modafinil and I like it much better. I don’t get the initial high that Adderall gives, but I don’t feel wiped out afterward like when taking Adderall. I don’t take anything on a daily basis because I don’t want to build up a tolerance or blow out my adrenals. I just take it 2, maybe 3 times a week, depending on fibro flu.