Has anyone tried acupuncture for pain? If so does it help any?

Avent I have an appointment to go for the first time on next week. I’m desperate for pain relief.

Wow I have been wondering the same thing. I am glad you posted this topic and I hope others comment on it. Hugs.

hi. i think it is really worth a ( shot) i did try it many years ago but due to other health issues i was not able to get there the 2-3 x a week that is needed to really make a difference. the needles are so small and thin you barely feel them. best of luck. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS

Hi LLee,

I like you was desperate for some relief and did try acupuncture. This was at the very beginning of my journey with Fibro and I was not taking any pain medications at the time because I had not been officially diagnosed...that came 7 months later. I did enjoy the experience of acupunture, it is very soothing and relaxing and in that hour I was very relaxed and felt the pain somewhat was a little better, but unfortunately by the time I got home from the 1/2 hour drive the pain was back to what it was. I did this over 3 months, but I had to stop as I just couldn't afford it anymore. I have never heard of anyone with Fibro talking about it as curing their pain, however I do know people who have gone for other ailments who said it really helped and did cure them. I guess like everything it depends on the person. My opinion is there are options out there for temporary relief of Fibro, but sadly there isn't anything to really take away the pain. So I don't know if my opinion helps you in your decision to go or not. Depends on if you have the money to try it then I would say its worth a try.

Best wishes and take care,


I remember the first time I tried acupuncture-- it was was extremely relaxing. That night I had the best sleep of my life! That’s saying ALOT because although I love to sleep, I never wake up feeling refreshed, rested, etc. In fact mornings are the worst part of every day for me! I couldn’t afford to keep going to treatments-- but definitely would if I could. I highly recommend that everybody try it!
The whole idea is about restoring balance to your body’s energy (chi) by stimulating specific points along the meridians–releasing blockages and improving your natural energy flow. Non-western approaches to health care tend to focus on bringing your body back to its natural, intended state, in which it can heal itself.
This has always made so much more sense to me than the western medical(business tactics) ideas of band-aiding symptoms.
I’m currently studying a few energy healing modalities: soma energetics (sound/vibrational healing), Reiki, and Quantum Hypnotherapy Healing Technique (involves past-life regression and speaking to the Higher Self.) It’s all extremely fascinating to me, and has given me hope when I had none! You should be able to Google the terms for more info.
But on the most basic level, underlying most diseases, is the lack of knowledge about proper nutrition! I’ve been trying to “eat healthy” for so many years. I’m just now finding out how little I actually knew about what our bodies need and why. Most of what I thought to be true (govt. guidelines) was actually misinformation disguised as clever marketing strategies! I recommend reading this book as an eye opener: Cure Tooth Decay: Remineralize Cavities and Repair Your Teeth Naturally with Good Food. There is a wealth of information in this book, pertaining to everyone-- even if you’ve never had a cavity!
Knowledge is power. Wisdom is divine! I am driven to understand this illness (these illnesses) that have become my life. In my heart, I know that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are things that I can do to feel better… Things that I have done that made it worse… I just don’t know all the specifics-- yet. But I’m on it!
Hugs and love and all that GOOD stuff!!!

Thanks all! I’m going to my first appointment this morning! @goodstuff if being able to get a good night rest is all it affords me that is already enough. I’ve had insomnia for the last month really bad.

Hi LLee, I just wanted to see how the acupuncture appointment went for you? I hope this first appointment proved comforting and holds potential for you. I have thought about trying this too and have heard good things from friends with other conditions who have tried it.


The appointment went well. I was impressed. I still had trouble falling asleep still because I couldn’t lay down becauseI’m in pain. I’m going back in Friday. I’ll give it a try.

I had a treatment last week, my first, and am going back this Friday. I can’t tell that it helped any at all. But I’m in so much pain, I’m willing to give it a few tries, plus he is also a homeopath and is going to prescribe natural things for me to take for pain. But again, he gave me something for inflammation/pain to start last week and it has not helped any yet. I don’t know how long I’m suppose to give it. I’m getting pretty worn down by constant pain not helped by Lyrica and tramadol

I used acupuncture to deal with the pain of migraines. It worked very well for the migraines and a few minor injury related pain but it did nothing for the fibro. Having said that I would give it a try. It may work for you. Good luck.

Thanks for letting me know how it went, LLee.

I am glad to hear it went well for you. I think I am going to try acupuncture for myself. My curiosity is definitely piqued and yesterday I got a referral from a good friend for her acupuncturist whom she just loves. Please keep us posted on how your appointments go as you’re able. And best of luck, hon!