Acupuncture? D-Ribose

Hello everyone, just met with my doctor yesterday and she has given me a referral to try acupuncture. She says she has had a number of fibro patients who have indicated that it was helpful. I would appreciate it if you would share any experiences you may have had with acupuncture. If it has worked for you has it helped increase your energy as well?

I’m also trying D-Ribose powder. Does anyone take it with something besides water, I’m having a hard time drinking it.? : - (

Hope everyone is having a good day. :slight_smile:

Hi B2chi,

I think that acupuncture should help! For me it works better than the pain management shots, and it should help with your liver too! They will look at your tongue, and know just what to do for you!

I wish you tremendous success!


BTW, I am unfamiliar with D-Ribose, but know several here use it successfully!

Thanks SK, been reluctant to try alternative therapy, but finally doing massage therapy so figure I can try acupuncture. When I was regressed (reincarnation) about 30 years ago, it indicated that I’m here to learn modesty; sort of wondering what I did in previous lives if this is actually true lol.
Must admit I sort of lost most of my sense of modesty after 6 mos in hospital.

Hope all is well with you.

I use the chewable orange flavored tablets. I love them ! Try it in juice - it should dissolve and taste better!

Thanks Sandi I will try juice but next time I’m looking for chewable ones, where did you find yours?

I believe it was dee who told me about them (please forgive me if I’m not giving credit to the right mod) and I found 2 different brands on Amazon. I prefer Best D-Ribose because they are easy to carry with you. Great taste too. I notice an increase in energy level and can tell when I miss taking them. If you google d-ribose you should find many different brands. Just make sure there aren’t a lot of unnecessary fillers in them.

Thanks again Sandi will take a look at Amazon have found lots of powders on the Internet but not others. Am a bit more limited in Canada. I love shopping online, can even do it at 3 am, although tend to impulse buy a bit.

Hi B2chi,

I had acupuncture treatments for about 4 months last year prior to my diagnosis with FM. I was not on any medications at the time and I was in debilitating pain. I like the treatments as they were very calming and helped with my stress level. As far as with my pain, unfortunately my relief was always short lived and by the time I arrived home (1/2 hour) the pain started rising again. I was going 2 times a week for the first 2 months at $60. per visit. Unfortunately, not having insurance I could no longer afford to continue. Perhaps had I been able to continue I would have eventually experienced less pain, but in my case after 4 months their wasn't a significant change in that regard. Good luck and I sincerely hope you will experience good results. BTW I would have continued had I been able to afford it!


Sue (Dreamcatcher)

I hear you on the modesty, though it left me years ago too, all medically related!

Hi B2chi. I use acupuncture and I absolutely love it. I have found a gold mine of an acupuncturist who does massage and gentle adjusting and because my rheumatologist referred me to the PT clinic she works in, she is covered by my insurance. If you look around you will find that acupuncturists each have their own style and use different types of eastern medicine, depending where they were trained. Not to confuse you, just want to share my experience.

Go for it B2! It does not hurt, it is such a help. Like SK said it can help with your liver along with pain and fatigue. Plus it helps with everything you need treated, all at once, if appropriate. And it helps if you can kind of stay in a relaxed mode for a few hours after or the rest of the day. I find it to be most helpful if I can fall asleep with the needles in, which is about half the time. Your acu might play quiet music and leave you for awhile, on the table, resting comfortably, with needles in. This is the part I really appreciate. Quiet.

Good luck with this!

Hugs, with no needles!


I ordered the tablets. They are probably at the post office waiting for me. I got mine through Amazon. Sheila W mentioned in the last supplement discussion.

Thanks Dreamcatcher - if I can identify a doctor that does it my private insurance will cover it, even if it helped relieve stress levels (thought when I retired the stress would go away, guess it’s just built in) hope will help with the fatigue. Sorry you weren’t able to continue it to see if it helped over time.

Gentle Hugs