Accuweather gives barometric pressure readings

Low barometric pressure causes our body to swell and 'thump', here is a site that allows you to check the current barometric pressure.

This is the computer site, and there is also an app for iphones, this is the only source of this weather reading that I am aware of.

Of course most of us KNOW when the pressure has dropped, it's just nice to have confirmation.

LOL! You're right, we certainly DO know it, SK. But this is a good app. Nice tool to have, not that I have a smart phone (too dumb to figure it out.) But I'll try to remember to visit the site on the days when I feel stinky.

It's good to see you again, SK. You are sorely missed here. It's nice when you come and talk. And I'm still trying to work up enough energy to call you. I don't know why but I hate using the phone now, though I used to love it. It seems to take so much out of me when I talk about real stuff. I'm not sure why. As I said, I used to love to talk on it. Anyway, you're constantly on my mind.

Your meds issue is surely concerning, but I know you have no choice, as pain can knock you up against a wall. And yes, it is tempting to sneak those NSAIDS in as they are good for bone pain. I do take the occasional ibuprofin. I feel like i'm sneaking an illicit drug when i quietly snatch the ibuprofin bottle and make off with it to my part of the house. LOL, don't want my son to see me at it, he has eyes in the back of his head and is very good at lecturing me.

I hope that your pain is in the minority of your time, SK. I remember that you were in terrible shape when you had to wait for your Friday shot of Embrel. I hope you don't have to go through that again, waiting until the one day of the week where you're assured of pain relief. You'd grow to hate the rest of the week, esp. Thursday, I would think.

Getting tired, will end here.



Hey Pet!

I'm so glad you are spending time with your son, it's good for both of you,so let him lecture! It's crazy to think about the son lecturing the Mom! Are you in trouble often? ha! Bet I know that answer!

Hey no pressure on the phone call, I completely understand, I think it's an age thing, if not a health thing. The person I talk to most is my granddaughter who has 2 children. I keep up with everyone through her. My grandson is here with us for the weekend, which is a rare treat these days as he is now a "pre-teen"! That means no more hugs or kisses, so I wait til he's sound asleep to kiss and hug him! GOTCHA! He's in our bed on my side, so I'll just crash on the couch, we're old friends!

I don't think I'm going to resume the Enbrel, my immune system still has not recovered, I have yet another UTI, and terribly infected big toes from operating on ingrown toenails, which I've done all of my life, and never had such an infection. Boy did I get a lecture, he squeezed them and the pus just flew, and I just howled! Doc told me when they heal to come back and he will do a surgical procedure there in the office which will prevent them going ingrown in the future. I'm not wild about the idea, especially having to be awake, I would rather be totally unconscious, but having this constant problem permanently solved sounds good to me! I'll take the hubs, he can hold me down, drag me home!

I'll tell you, since going off the Enbrel, I slowly feel stronger with more energy, I was to the point that I was so 'dragged out' I was going from the bed to the couch. Will talk to the Rheum in a couple of weeks, see what he has to say, see if he has any ore tricks up his sleeve! He may want more x-rays. So it's a trade off, either more energy with more pain, more damage, or no energy and less pain and damaage. Can't win, Pet!

I miss you all too, just so much going on, don't think I'll ever get this house together again! Oh,and I found my sewing machine and a stack of fabric, so making some new curtains and valances. Not sure when they'll get done, but it's therapeutic, IF the machine cooperates, still having some trouble adjusting the tension and feed.

Signing off for now. Get yourself to a good Doctor, my friend, you really should have one in FL too, so please just do it! There is something your son REALLY needs to lecture you about!

Hope you're able to soak up some rays, I'd love to be able to make that ride to the beach, any beach!

Love you girl,