According to my Internist, a generic pain med can be 30% more or less potent than the name brand drug

Though the FDA insists that generic drugs are just as safe as name brand, my PCP does not follow this thinking, at least not with narcotics. He said the quality control goes down considerably once a drug becomes generic.

I also asked if he had to take a pain med would he take synthetic or natural, giving him the Nucynta vs Opana question, he said that Opana is better tolerated with less side effects than Nucynta. Of course allergic or adverse reactions we not considered.

This is his opinion, he is 57 years old and has practiced for decades as a primary care physician, thought I would pass along this information.

Why does quality control go down, I wonder? Yes, they are cheaper but they must adhere to FDA guidelines...

Naturally, I looked it up and found some interesting fodder about new drugs put on the market vs. older, proven ones, and what you're about to read may well educate and surprise you.

Okay, it won't allow me to copy the info (danged government sites!) but here's the link. Go to the last question and answer. It'll blow you away, and not in a good way.

I can only suppose that the generic med, made by a company never named, is not as concerned about quality as a major name brand pharmaceutical who wants to me known for the quality of their name and product. Cost is a factor, of course.

Nurses and PA's feel free to weigh in on this, please.

Go to the link above. It's an interesting look at how new meds stack up to older, proven ones. I know it's not exactly the same topic but in the same ballpark.

You're right, Pet, I am blown away, and not in a good way! Outrageous! Our body's must be stronger than we know!

I just opened the bag of all the items purchased at my local drug store, and found that generic had been used after my Dr wrote, NO GENERIC SUBSTITUTIONS. I called them and they are going to make it right tomorrow! Just what I need, another car ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UM!

Whoa! That is NOT COOL that your drug store gave you a generic. Tsk tsk on them! Good thing you looked, huh? And you're right, not pleasant to have to drive back. That stinks! They should bring it out to you, considering you're so ill and it was their mistake.

I'm glad you read the link. It's disheartening. Makes you wonder exactly was DOES go on in the drug industry.

I have never trusted the FDA, they are poisoning all of us. Every single day.

This could be less of an issue with the "drug" component itself and more of an issue with the filler and processing of the medication.

using cheaper products will react with the medication.

And they put WEIRD stuff in pills. I was severely anemic a few years back, and also lactose intolerant. The $15 bottle of iron tabs i bought had lactose as the main ingredient. Why put gluten and lactose in meds when so many are allergic?

I worked in an elder care facility for 5 years as the medication records manager. Meaning, I processed all physician orders, prescription orders, medication administration records to log all given meds, narcotics administration, and most days due to staff calling in, administered meds to 40 to 70 residents each working day. I have seen time after time a resident switched to a different brand of medication and have a totally different reaction to it. Usually it worked less effectively, occasionally to our surprise it was a benefit.

The really scary part was the insulin brands that would cause significant changes on the same dose.

Interesting information, realized along time ago that generic Tylenol whether it be extra strength, Tylenol 1’s or Tylenol 3 didn’t work as well for me. Although our insurance will only pay the amount generic costs, we have told our pharmacy we will pay the extra. We do however take a number of other generic drugs, and I’ve never followed up on these with our doctors, thanks for the heads up SK.

You are welcome! My mom even swears that the OTC pain relievers as generics are not as good, and she is most probably right!

With 3 autoimmune diseases, I'd be in BAD shape without them, so they are essential to me!

I have worked with many physicians, all of whom have the opposite opinion. They believe the generics to be just as safe and effective as the brand name drugs. The active ingredient(s) for both drugs must be exactly the same. They must work exactly the same in order to get FDA approval, and they must prove that potential side effects are the same as brand. The fillers can be different. If active ingredients are exactly the same, I can't see why one would be more effective than another - the fillers don't affect how the drug works.

Personally, I happily take my generics. :) I'm on so many meds that I couldn't imagine paying for brand on all of them. On some though, I have taken both generic and brand and saw absolutely no difference between the two, other than how they looked. On one, I did fine with the generic but was having some GI issues and wanted to see if it was med related. I paid out of pocket for a month's worth of brand and developed a terrible rash on both legs within days of switching. Obviously, I went back to the generic.

If not for generics, there would be many low income people and senior citizens who would not be able to afford their medications. I'm neither low income nor a senior, but I couldn't afford all of my medications if not for generics either.


I have some new information from the Pharmacists, according to them, US Pharmacia maintains that there is only a 5% difference, so for the difference of my 25% co-pay being either $66. or $191. I have decided to go the generic, and deal with the 5% difference!

This was good to discover!

SK, I think one of the articles I posted links to said it can be a slight difference in either direction - so it's very possible for the generic to be slightly MORE potent than the brand. ;)


Thanks Sharon!