Access to the additional information (in additon to the painaustralia links) given me by Dr Quintner on Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Exercise suggestions

Dr. John Quintner, Australian Rheumatologist and Pain Specialist has shared information he has published and co-published, he has also given Doctors files and findings, on a variety of things that all of us who suffer from Fibromyalgia are up against.

He has chosen to place these in 'Dropbox'. Of all that Renie and I have read over the last several days, on how to share information on Dropbox, it is necessary for me to invite you, via your home e-mail.

I will not share this address with any other source, if you are interested in having access, click on my photo and send me a private message, and I will do my very best to quickly send an invitation to share the folders Dr Q has entrusted to me. If he considers it safe, then I just have to trust his judgement.



So far Renie, and dee have access to the info on dropbox.

Hi SK, I received your e-mail with the link to join / down load Dropbox , I am trying to do it on my I-pad, as this is where I spend a majority of my time. My I- phone needs updates in order to get it there, I will work on that this weekend.
So far it seemed easy & safe, now I will go back on, sign in & see if I can access this shared info
I will let you know how it is working

Hugs & blessings

I just finished reading Mazes, Conflict, and Paradox. Tools for understanding chronic pain, by Cary A Brown, PhD that was shared with us by Dr Quintner! Now one of these men should have won the Nobel peace prize! Outstanding! SOMEONE REALLY "GETS IT"!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!

This is info still available to new members. I'm printing it and taking it to my Rheum this week.

Hi SK, How do I send you my home email? Should I send it in a post? Thanks!

Click my picture, and leave me a message on my page, a private message, not on the board, and I'll hook you up, BB. The info is very good!

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