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Hi my name is Andrea and I’m from Texas. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a month ago my rheumatologist had originally diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis. So for 2 1/2 yrs I endured wkly injections and lots of meds. Now I’m on lyrica & cymbalta daily and flexoril & tramadol as needed(so daily) but due to my profession I only take my as needed meds at night. My sister and daughter also have fibro. Thank God my daughter has episodes of pain that are few and far between.
I have 3 grown children. My daughter is 24 and just graduated from dental hygiene school. My 21 yr old son is in the Army, he’s married and is expecting his 1st child in Sept which will be my 1st grandbaby. We all are super excited. And I have a 19 yr old son. I am the oldest of 4 children and my mom is a little forgetful and she lives with my 23 yr old sister whom just got paid off so I watch over them. My 39 yr old sister is currently in the hospital so I just finished visiting her & making sure her family was ok. They live 7 hrs away. My husband is a disabled vet and he has back problems, major depressive disorder, anxiety, PTSD & borderline personality disorder. So if taking care of ALL my family isn’t stressful enough…
I am a nurse and I work Monday thru Friday and rarely call in for myself unless the pain is excruciating. I absolutely love my job but have noticed that my brain fog is affecting my day to day work. Nothing that would jeopardize patient safety or information. But things that I do to keep my clinic and doctor running smoothly; things that I normally could do with my eyes closed I am now getting confused or forgetting altogether. And it makes me feel very dumb and I get upset with myself. Any who…that’s me in a nutshell :blush:


Hi. I just turned 60 this year. I’m married, raising my oldest grandson who’s 14 with Autism and have a step-son who is 13 with ADHD. My husband was crushed in between two vehicles and suffered a spinal cord injury. I have always had a stressful life as I’m sure most people do. I have one daughter, 32, who also has a 7 year old and twin 4 year olds. My 7 year old grandson had Neurofibromatosis 1 and is losing his eyesight. The twins seem to be doing well. I’m glad to be here in the forum.

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My name is Sheila. I live in Arizona.I am 67yrs old. I was first diagnosed with CFIDS.
Years later diagnosed with fibro. Also osteoarthritis. I have a positive ANA and an
extremely high anti-centromere count. I also have small fiber neuropathy, not diabetic yet, but thinking Im heading that way. I cant get enough sweets, Im an emotional eater and cant seem to stop. Ive been on almost every SSRI out there along with lyrica, Neurontin etc and cant tolerate any of them. I am depressed, frustrated, fed up and angry.
The only thing that has really helped in the past is exercise. But I wasn’t able to work and exercise, it was to much.
I feel useless, worthless and hopeless. now because of back issues, hip replacement coming up and serious exhaustion I still cant exercise. The fibro fog
is my constant companion, I feel like an idiot most of the time.
I have a wonderful husband who is patient, kind and is always willing to do what he can to help, I am blessed in that way.
I have been checked for everything under the sun that might cause the symptoms that we all share and they are always negative which of course is good but frustrating too.
Ive been searching for a site and found this one, it does help to know youre not alone (not that I wish this on anyone) and maybe fine a new idea to help.
Again so far all ive found that helps is exercise.
Sorry for the whining, I could type all day and never get it all out. Thank you reading this, hopefully someone will reach out.
My thanks,