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Aaah here we go


After all these years you’d think I would stop being suprised or derailed by a bad day. It’s always the same: “Wow, I’m exhausted and I just got up! Ouch , everything hurts…” So frustrating.
And I had such a GREAT day yesterday. Felt well; energized…LIKE MYSELF. Got things done. Made time to meditate and enjoy nature. Ate right.
Ok just needed to WHINE a bit. I made my Nutribullet shake of celery, cherries and berries. I did some gentle stretching. I fortunately (or unfortunately :moneybag::moneybag:) have a VERY light work day, so I’m going to visit a loved one who is on hospice at the tender age of 49. I hope this doesn’t come across selfish, but spending time with him, seeing him smile and be brave, and just being there for someone who is bedridden and quite often alone; well, it usually makes me feel better, spiritually anyway.
On bad days, that gift is huge.
Lately; I’ve noticed some glimpse of…enlightenment? This chronic pain crap will bring you to your knees; it’s forced me to let go of soooo much…”stuff” Stuff I now I know I never really needed, only wanted, for reasons that also don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Is this, this FMS or any other outwardly seeming insufferable burden people bear; is it the price we must pay to evolve spiritually?
Lol, maybe enlightenment is the wrong word… maybe cosmic punchline is more appropriate.
Well thanks for letting me sound off, folks. And if you’re having a bad fibromyalgia day too( or s bad day for any reason!) please know; YOURE NOT ALONE!! I hate to wish away time but there’s tomorrow to be hopeful for :pray:t2::heart:️:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there. I totally agree. I’m 65 and I’ve probably had FMS for a lot longer than I knew. I was finally diagnosed about 7 years ago. After being (over the past 30 years) diagnosed with MS. I know it sounds crazy but I’d rather have Fibro than MS. When you have a chronic illness, especially one with pain, for me, I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without being able to give it to God. I’m not preaching. I’m just saying it is a spiritual journey along with the physical one. I think my faith allows me to (sometimes) put away the pain and do the things that I truly enjoy. I LOVE nature!!! Being outside in the fresh air lifts my spirits!!! Listening the birds and feeling a breeze and smelling the fragrances in the air that come with summer is very peaceful and comforting.
For me anyway. I’m beginning to have an issue with the heat. This has never before been a problem for me. But just another adjustment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Get out early before it gets too hot and then late evening after it cools off. I’m very fortunate to have a swimming pool. This is great because I can get some exercise without getting to tired and overheated. Even though I do feel like a dead Hippo when I step out. Gravity is not my friend when getting out of the pool​:crazy_face:. Well I’ve sat around long enough. Time to do something??? Peace be with you on your journey :slight_smile: