A very quick note

I have been dealing with covid for 4 weeks as of tomorrow. I still cannot smell or taste, my coughing and breathing is still bad and I just feel overall horrific. And do you think my doctors will return my phone calls? Not in this town. Praying you are all okay and I’ll be back when I feel like a normal human being! Love and Hugs to all


Hi gramybear

so sorry that you have now got covid as well as fibro and other problems. I understand covid is really horrible. I hope you soon will feel better very quickly. Praying for you.

What are you doing for yourself? There are drs who will telemed you and help

Hi, hope you are better. I had Covid in December and it was awful. I pretty much wasn’t getting helpor meds from my Kaiser Dr. I finally contacted America’s Frontline Doctors who prescribed meds that finally helped me. I had to pay out of pocket but I got well.

Oh Gramybear! COVID??? My heart goes out to you. :heart: What about going to ER? Do you have a way of measuring your oxygen levels? You have been bombarded with many trials this year. I wish I could give you a big hug in person. :hugs:. Praying for healing, health and happiness. :pray::hugs::purple_heart:

I had Covid too. It was a bit of a long haul but you will get better. :kissing_heart:

Have you tried the frontline drs site, they will assist

@gramybear how are you doing?

I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. I will say prayers you are better soon! :heart:
I feel like the prodigal child- It’s been so long since I’ve dropped in on the site. Work takes up most of my energy (still working from home) and my hubby has hurt his knee and off work for the time being. I try to help him as much as possible, but the Fibro pain weighs me down. If he has surgery, I’m sure our daughter will step up and help him. She’s living with us now and studying to pass her respiratory therapist exam.
Glad to see the Freedom and JayCS are still here! Miss you all! Take care dear Grammy! :purple_heart:

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@ AussieMom so good to hear from you as I have wondered how you are and I have been praying for you regularly.