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What we say to others and what we say to ourselves has the power to build up or tear down. I am always being told ‘be kind to yourself’, Even what we say to children can effect them for the rest of their lives. i.e. if we say to a child you cannot sing. That child will grow up to be negative about their singing and will not sing even when they are adults. I try to say something nice to a person I am speaking to even if it is to admire their buttons!

With this online support group the thing that always encourages me is all the lovely remarks you say to people. Thank you.


Hello Rosebud I totally agree with you i costs nothing to be kind and what you say to a person can have a negative or positive impact on them for the rest. of their lives. On our forum, we are here to encourage each other and that is what our members do we are one big family of friendly people. Hope you are well. Annette Moderator.


Rosebud & Annette,
You are both such an asset to our little family of sufferers. I have seen you both show kindness in times that you were in great pain. Blessings to you and to the many others here that demonstrate love and encouragement at all times! :heart:

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You are absolutely correct, rosebud74. I have been trying to be nicer to myself mentally as I notice that my thoughts are pretty depressed and I put myself down a lot even for making simple mistakes I should be able to shrug off. I remember seeing a quote where someone said, “be kind to yourself, after all, you live with those thoughts all day long.” Man isn’t it the truth.
Even when I do hang out with others and am having a really bad fibromyalgia flare up, I try to remind myself that it is nobody’s fault and try not to lash out at anyone because I am in pain and sad. Once something is said it can never be taken back no matter how much we can apologize for it.