A sprained back muscle from walking...REALLY?

Good Evening. I'm upset and in awe at how my body has turned on me. So around 3:30pm, I take the dog for a walk. I walk in my little neighborhood, which can be walked in about 20 minutes. I felt fine. I come back from my walk and my lower right side of my back (directly above my hip) hurts so bad I can barely walk to get an ice pack. My right knee cap is also giving me sharp pain. Let me just rewind here for a second. On Monday, I had to have an MRI on my left knee because of pain and "popping" in that knee. Orthopedic dr. took x-rays and saw nothing. However, he still recommended an MRI because he thought I might have a torn meniscus or it would show something leading to my eventual diagnosis. (other than fibro) I doubt I have a torn anything, because now the right knee is doing the same thing as the left. So fast forward to this afternoon and my back and knees are hurting so much!! How am I supposed to get any exercise if this is going to be a common occurance? I tried jogging yesterday on my trampoline and wouldn't you know it, my knees hurt afterward! Sorry to ramble on and on, but I know you all would understand better than anyone else.

I'm so sorry! Walking is suppose to be the one thing that is good for our backs. My neurosurgeon and physical therapists have all told me that it strengthens the muscles and helps make our core more supportive for our spine. What the heck? I sure hope you heal up soon rosie. Could be that you really hurt it on the trampoline and it didn't show up until today. I wish you the best.

Keep warm,


Dear Rosie

I am glad that you shared this with us. Your problem might not be related to your walk today. When you mentioned trying to jog on your trampoline, I gasped! It sounds like you were jumping up and down rather than jogging as such. That would put a lot of pressure on your body. I would suspect that it was the bottom cause. Today's walking just reminded your body that jumping on the trampoline was too much pressure when you landed on your feet. A hot shower or bath might soothe your body or time on a heating pad. I don't know if you have any medicated cream from your doctor. I use Diclofenic 10%. It is an anti-inflammatory cream which is good to apply to your hurting points. The last few weeks I have found that I need to use it each night before I go to bed. That helps me to get to sleep.

Be kind to your body for a few days and then try walking again. Maybe try shorter gentle walks and build up to the 20 minute walks.

Hey again, Rosie. I think you know the answer to your question: "I tried jogging yesterday on my trampoline and wouldn't you know it, my knees hurt afterward!" From now on, when you think of doing exercise, interpret it as a short or medium walk or a bit of stretching. Jogging on a trampoline is a no-no. Let me explain fibro, according to the most recent medical research: our hands and feet have blood vessels and capillaries that control the blood flow through our bodies, which affect our body temperature. We with fibro have extra capillaries. What that means is that our body temperature is thrown off (this is why so many with fibro have cold hands and feet,) and the blood flow is disrupted so we aren't always getting enough nutrition through our blood, nor are we getting enough waste removed from the blood. Waste in muscles translates into being lactic acid. If you remember from school, lactic acid is that feeling you get after exercising and having your muscles ache afterwards. So we're getting more waste and less nutrition, so that equals to that horrid, achy feeling that fibro has. At least that's my understanding of the research. So your jogging on the trampoline equals more achiness in your body,

The knees popping - my knees do it too. Mine do it in cold weather. In my case, i have osteo-arthritis The knees are coming off the track they're on, as the osteo has worn the tracks down enough to let the knee bone pop off. And my god, that's hideously painful! I can't walk on the leg when it's happened. Last time it took a week before I could walk again. And the popping in my knees can go from one knee to the other. The reason i mention all this is because I'm wondering if you are having the same issue. Can your doc check to see if it's osteo-arthritis in you as well? Surely sounds the same. And I can't think of why you're also getting the popping unless your knee is also sliding off its track.

The lower back is my absolute worst pain. It's always there, 24/7. Hurts so bad and feels like my back is breaking when I walk. Here's why mine hurts like this: osteo-arthritis in the spine. My pain doc can burn the nerve and it stops the pain for several months. I haven't had it for a long time now and desperately need it again. Maybe yours is the same as well? I mean, you and I seem to have twin issues.

Fibro seems to be the amplification of the pain we feel. If we didn't have fibro, probably the oste-arthritis or whatever problem we have wouldn't hurt nearly like it does. Some docs. think that fibro is the pain of an issue that we're developing or have developed. In my case, it's osteo-arthritis.

I'm tired so have to close here. I hope you get some answers and relief. In my case, I ice the knees in the painful area. It takes a long time with the ice but eventually i can walk again. I hope it helps you too, if you try it.

Take care,