A Prayer For My New Friends

In the short amount of time I have been in this group I feel like you are family.

I can't wait to get home to see what is going on with all of my new friends. You make me laugh you make me cry. Most of all you make me wish I had become a doctor, instead of an artsy fartsy gal!

It breaks my heart that our common bond is pain.

I know not everyone is religious, but I wanted to offer up a little prayer for all of us:


You are the Master Physician and I ask you tonight to lay Your healing hand upon these men & women who suffer so greatly. Pour Your healing power over my friends, let Your light be a healing light, shining through all of the darkness. Lord, reach out to those suffering not only in body, but in mind. Calm them, let their minds be silent. I pray for restful, rejuvenating sleep. I ask You for a joyful morning, not filled with hurt, buy with JOY and LOVE.

I ask for compassion for my friends, from their family members & friends. I ask for You to soften the hearts of those who are hard, I ask for understanding and patience for my friends.

Lord, I ask for all to be free of financial worry and daily stress. Let us all put our burdens on You, because You are strong.

I ask you Lord to break the bonds of these earthy bodies that hold us in pain and misery. Lift us O' Lord and walk with us. Take away the depression that binds our souls. Make us whole, Lord.

You know each & every one of Your children, You know our pain, You can free us!

I pray this in Jesus's Holy & Precious name,


Colleen , that is the sweetest pray I have ever read… God bless you ! And thank you for being such an inspiring light and sharing this with us, I turned my TV off and read it out loud, god is so good, because right at this moment I needed this more than you know, I’m not usually depressed, but the last few days I seem to just start crying over anything, this is not me,
I know in my heart God is in control and I needed this reminder… Thank you
Hugs & blessings

Thank you, Colleen!

Praying sweet Dee that God wraps his arms around you and give you peace in your mind.Love ya!

Awesome thanking God for allowing you to get this in your spirit to lift all of us up in prayer… He is so good !


Colleen, thank you for this prayer and for your entire posting. I'm glad you have found a new home here with us.

Gentle hugs


Beautiful, Thank you so much Colleen, God bless you, Robin

Thank you, Colleen, for this wonderful prayer.

this is beautiful colleen , same as dee i needed this today , hugs to everyone xx

What a way to start today! Thank you Colleen - I think we all needed this at a very stressful time of year. God bless you for the post. Happy Painless Holidays!

Thank you Colleen. You are so loving to post that beautiful prayer and it has lifted my spirits today. Jesus does know what we need and I rely on Him and He never fails me. So glad that you are in our "family."

With love,


Oh thank you sister! I felt His touch last night and this was before I read this! Oh to feel an extra outpouring of the Spirit is wonderful. After reading your prayer, I feel His presence so closely! My prayers for you too!


Philippians 4:13

New King James Version (NKJV)

13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me. My son has this as a tattoo on his arm!

Prayer is so powerful, and I feel blessed to have read yours. Thank you for praying and sharing it with us. I needed that this morning. I may take the advice of some of the others to bookmark it and pray it often. I, too, hate that our bond here is pain, but I do believe God can make some good of even the worst of circumstances. It sure helps to feel a part of a community like this, especially since some of us have trouble making and keeping friends due to physical limitations. Feeling cutoff from the world isn't healthy, but bearing one another's burdens makes our load a bit lighter, even granting us hope and perspective.

Gentle ((hugs)) and God bless,


Thank you and Amen. I pray it all back at you!

I really love your posts, Colleen, so the feeling is mutual. You've contributed in a very original and fresh manner.

Also, I found your prayer to be very moving. Thank you for putting it out there for us and I hope it does help.

What a beautiful prayer!

God Bless your and your loved ones. Merry Xmas!