A poem

A friend sent me this poem for OAPs but could it be for a foggy brain as well?

Wordsworth in Lockdown.

I wandered lonely as a cloud.
Two metres from the madding crowd,
When all at once my name was called
To enter ~Waitrose hallowed hall.
Now the pensioners’ special hour.
I’d gone to buy a bag of flour.
But I forgot - when through the door,
What I had gone to Waitrose for,
The Waitrose staff are extra kind
I told them it had slipped my mind.
They asked what else I had forgot -
They clearly thought I’d lost the plot!
I phoned my wife at home to ask.
She helped me out with this special task,
“I need some flour to bake a cake
With all that cream you made me take”
“Ah yes of course” I had to lie
I dared not ask what flower to buy,
But then I saw them at the tills…
A bunch of golden daffodils!


LOL - That was my first dose of laughter therapy today! I LOVE IT! Yep - sounds like foggy brian to me! :crazy_face:

Keep them coming rosebud made me laugh too we can all do with a good laugh just now hope you are coping keep well. Annette Moderator.

pretty scarey ! i forget things and my brother and sister BOTH died of Alzheimers, so last time to doc, i had him check me. i would have gone home with daffodils too ! lol anyway, he said the best thing for me to do is work word puzzles and not to worry. hmmmmm.

Carolyn, I understand your concerns. Both of my parents had Alzheimer’s, which seems much like the short term memory loss associated with FMS. It is sometimes hard not to worry…

My sister died of Alzheimer’s disease. Then last year I phoned up the Alzheimer’s people and asked them if Alzeimer is inhereted. The answer was ‘NO’. They also sent me literature about it all of which was very reassuring. I often wonder if I am getting it as I do suffer from age related memory loss as well as ‘foggy’ brain. I hope this helps.

Hi, Rosebud74.
Here is an online quote from the Alzheimer’s Association:
“Is Alzheimer’s Genetic? Family history is not necessary for an individual to develop Alzheimer’s . However, research shows that those who have a parent or sibling with Alzheimer’s are more likely to develop the disease than those who do not have a first-degree relative with Alzheimer’s .”

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling at all! Hang in there, sweet Rosebud! :heart: You seem to be doing great to me!

My lipidologist asked if I wanted a dementia gene test done, because it comes all in with the blood fat gene test. She suggested I’d be too worried if I knew I had the gene. My father died “of it” a few years ago (kept falling over and degenerated).
Whilst I did go to my neurologist 10 years ago because I seemed to be forgetting things, I wasn’t interested in the test and I’m not worrying, got enough things to work on. Like him then finding the cause of my focal seizures. He’d said: No way is there anything to worry about the rate I’m forgetting things, it’s normal to go from one room to the other 4x till you remember why, if you have as much to do as I do, job-wise.
I train my memory all the time, only using my pda as a back-up, which is prepared as can be for forgetting things, as well as regular daily alarms on my mobile to eat, drink, sleep, exercise to help me self-care…

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Thank you AussieMom. I did not read that bit about if we have got a sibling with Alzheimer’s we are more likely to develop it. Oh well if I get it I get it can’t do anything about it. I need all my energy to concentrate on the things I have to do now and not worry about what might/might not happen in the future.

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Hi, JCS & Rosebud74!
I agree that “worrying” over it won’t help, but what my sister and I went through with both of my parents is something I never want to put my family through, and my sis feels the same. Sometimes I think that we are more compassionate with animals, being able to put an end to their suffering. :purple_heart:
Memory exercises and such are great, JCS. I need to do more of that! Thanks! :upside_down_face: