A message of support by request

you torment me every single day as you try to bring me down

you are hard to ignore at times but you will not run me into the ground

you say i am weak, you say i will never be strong

you ignore me when i tell you that you are wrong

you tell me i am not strong enough to fight

you ignore me when i tell you that you are not right

you prove your strength by making me strain

you laugh at me when i use my cane

you ignore me when i tell you that i one day will win

you think it funny when everything hurts including my shin

you never once told me your name i had to find that out on my own

you did not believe me when i proved how much i had grown

with a name like fibromyalgia you only think it is my life you will gain

i will prove that i will win all i need to do is keep good hopes through all your bad pain

i will stay strong, i will prove you wrong, i will win the fight

you will lose, you will never win, you are wrong in what you say and one day you will tell me that i was right

Very nice. Thank you for sharing.


Stay strong, Sue


Hi River - Wow! What a beautiful thing to post on this website. All of it is true, you know! We will continue fighting as long as this disease stays with us. The end of the poem, ended with, ""you will lose, you will never win, you are wrong what you say and one day you tell me that I was right!!"" I loved what you said. Did you write this poem on your own?? I am going to make a copy of it to keep with me when I have my really bad days!! Thank you!1 Laurie

you are all very welcome i think i could have done better that was one of my rant and rave poems from the other day when i was so mad and upset lol im glad it will help you all too. :)

That made me bawl like a baby!
I yoyo up and down with my battle but that was truly inspirational!

ty tina i have been writing poetry since 2001 i have ones that are rants like this one and i have others about life and such and veterans of wars and some funny ones too it just depends on my mood i guess :) im very glad it helps and when i come up with more i will put them up on here too.

Thanks and stay strong River.


Truly amazing. Bless you and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

thanks john i will do that but the next couple days will be rough im sure a few new ones are bound to come i have been writing a long time and generally do it as a stress relief and a way to help others its a 2 bird one stone kind of deal that works out all the way around :)