A lot to share with you all + quotes!

My sweet neighbors right behind me had to move to assisted living as Jim has cancer and Kay suffers from severe Chrons disease. They are continuing to pay the rent space so they have the option to move back if they can. Last summer Jim said I could store Michael’s heavy-duty equipment in one of their sheds and I could put my Total Gym and all the parts in there as well. Everything was fine. The back of their Mobile hides the shed and the back of the shed butts up to my backyard. Michael had a heavy-duty battery charger in there, a huge heavy-duty air compressor and he can’t remember what else. I had just paid off the $500 dollar Total Gym last summer. While out back cleaning up the yard I heard noises coming from the front of the shed. My neighbor, who I thought was my friend was back there. I saw that everything we had stored was gone! She began to say that everything must have gotten stolen but I never said what I was storing. A few minutes into the conversation, she mentioned the air compressor. Caught in a lie right there! My other neighbor said that Lori, the one who stole everything had told her she gave an air compressor to a guy who helped her move to her place a few months ago! I know she stole it all but I have no concrete proof. Oh it gets worse! My sweet neighbor, Melva has macular degeneration. Lori was cleaning her house for her and milking her there as well. But that isn’t the worst. Melva asked Lori if she would help her order a bird book since she can’t see well. Lori did it on her phone and told Melva it was done and she deleted her information. Wrong! The book never came so when Melva told me this story, I told her to call the bank immediately, cancel that card and have them issue her a new one. She actually had someone take her to the bank shortly after I told her to do that. The teller said he knew how the transaction was done but Melva didn’t think to ask how. A $45 dollar item to Amazon was charged on her card! There is more but those two are enough! I don’t know how I’m going to react the next time I see Lori. I am so mad and upset that someone claiming to be my friend, could steal like that and hurt a wonderful lady like Melva. I really needed to vent about this so thank you if you got through the entire post! Now, I will leave some quotes. Some are funnies and some are Fibro quotes. Love and Hugs to all. Praying you all have a wonderful New Year!

  1. Do what you can, when you can, with as much love and honesty as you can, and when you can’t rest!

  2. Friendly reminder that doing your best does not mean working yourself to the point of a nervous breakdown

  3. "I’m having a moment of suffering. Suffering is part of my life. May I be kind to myself in this moment. May I give myself the compassion I need.

  4. Butterflies are symbols of Fibromyalgia. They are beautiful, they give us hope and make us stronger.

  5. Every part of my body hurts and you want me to smile too? WHAAT??

  6. You can’t see air, you can’t see Fibro. If I believe you’re breathing, why is it hard to believe in Fibro?

7.Warning! Fibro Flair. You may want to make a run for it!

  1. It’s not completely forgetting things that bother me. It’s the whole remembering that I’ve forgotten to remember something that drives me crazy

I love your quotes especially No.2. I am a perfectionist and so will keep doing things until I get it right according to my standard.
No. 3 I am much kinder to others than I am to myself! I am always being told be kind to yourself and rest. Living on your own it is not always possible to be kind to myself. If I want something to eat either I get it myself or I go hungry.
No. 6 Is a good answer to give folk and I will try and remember that.

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We had this happen with a woman living a few houses down from me. She was stealing money from another person’s house when she would go in to take care of the dog. Then she stole from another neighbor during a party, a huge amount of jewelry. She ultimately returned the jewelry, but. . . Within 6 months her family sold the house and moved. Your neighbor needs to be reported to the police, and made very uncomfortable.

Sharon from ModSupport

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I’m so glad you enjoy them. I love finding them for others. Hugs.

Melva and I had a police officer come over to her Mobile and we talked for quite a while. He did say they are going to patrol even more in our park and to warn neighbors to what we know as factual. He also advised not sharing this information directly to the manager since she and the thief are best friends. So we are getting a petition together and telling the owner of the park that we want a meeting with him without the manager present. So many people are afraid of this manager. She has rules for different people, depending on whether or not she likes them or not. Very sad. I’ve lived in my Mobile for 14 years and I’ve seen 3 managers come through. The best ones were couples who truly cared about the tenants. This one doesn’t. She says this park is for people to come and die in! And people who have nowhere else to go. She needs to be replaced with someone who actually cares not only about the park but the residents too.

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I always love your quotes!

The situation in your park is awful, and it’s too bad that you are having to tiptoe around so as not to make it worse. I think you did the right thing to contact police, and it soulds like Melva and you have the right attitude towards dealing with the problem. More power to you, gramybear!

She says this park is for people to come and die in!

Let her underestimate you. That should be fun. :grin:


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Ha - #8 - TRUE!
GBear, I’m so sorry about the theft! It is just like you to be more concerned for your neighbor’s theft than for your own self. It sounds like Lori knows how to manipulate & take advantage of others extremely well. I hate that this happened to you and your friends! :cry:

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Thank you, sweetie. I’m not feeling well and my depression is pretty bad so if you don’t hear from me for a few days, that is why. I’ll keep you updated on what the park is doing about the thief. Thank you for your kind words. Big Hugs

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Big hugs right back! I hate fibro flairs, anxiety, depression, all of it!!! Don’t worry about missing days, my friend - I’ve missed a few days lately. Work has been taking all of my energy up. It happens :frowning:
I hope that you feel better soon! :purple_heart: